Ok, I have an idea, no idea if this will work or not, but let's do a Dungeons and Dragons style game.

This can also become a fan-fic I will publish, eventually. :P

4-8 good characters to begin with, make a small story, they have to be MLP related, but they can be:

Pony, Griffon, Dragon (spike age) etc.

I suppose this shall be the auditions page, but the adventure will mostly be led by you guys.

In the world of Equestria, peace was known for a thousand years. The Princesses Celestia and Luna ruled over the world peacefully. However, when technology advanced, so did the greed and need for land and supplies grew. A massive war eventually took place, and ponies, zebras and griffons fought each other. However, the Princesses tried to make peace and gain control over the rebellious ponies, the zebras and griffons had been waiting for their time to take the land they supposedly owned. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna wouldn't stand for this, so for one week, they hid both the sun and moon. During this time the ancient machine known as Ragnarok awoke, awaiting control... however... when Princess Luna learnt of this, she fled, attempting to control Ragnarok and stop the war. However, the outcome was unexpected, causing the deaths of every pony, zebra and griffon who had shed bled to another.

You are also allowed to be a villain if you want, your choice.

The story begins in the town of Ponyville. <-- This is where the story shall be played out.