• Vengir

    So since I became a Fandom helper, I've become ineligible to earn wiki achievements. For anybody curious, I've decided to share with you what I had before the promotion.

    Achievement archive as of November 14th, 2016:

    • Rank: 16 at 2990 points (together with Teyandee)
    • Categories added milestone: 100 (with 31 others)
    • Edits milestone: 2000 (with 24 others)
    • Editing streak milestone: 365 – longest possible (with 30 others)
    • Images milestone: 500 (with 72 others)
    • Ah Can Do It on Mah Own: earned (with 25 others)
    • Lucky horseshoes: 1144K, 1014K, 855K, 853K, 843K, 795K, 763K, 550K
    • And minor other
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  • Vengir

    This list will include all of the interviews (mostly on video, but there's also one in text) known to me where ponies is the main focus. If anybody wishes so, I might also include those that have at least a passing mention of them. I do not intend to translate any of them. They are mostly intended as a reference mostly for the Polish speakers, but if you wish to translate any of the, then you're welcome.

    1. Agnieszka Mrozińska-Jaszczuk (Rainbow Dash; December 2011; text only)
    2. Elżbieta Jędrzejewska-Futera and Mikołaj Klimek (Princess Celestia and King Sombra; September 2013)
    3. Agnieszka Mrozińska-Jaszczuk (Rainbow Dash; November 2013)
    4. Mikołaj Klimek (Few additional characters besides Sombra since the first interview; March 2015)
    5. Klaudiusz Kaufmann (S…
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  • Vengir

    Once upon a time I've heard that in Łódź in Poland a unicorn stable was reportedly built. Lately, while I was nearby, I took the opportunity to take a closer look. Obviously, as a true Brony, whenever unicorns are involved, I had to do some research and show you what it's all about.

    The construction is quite noticeable and decently sized. Roughly 1000 people should be able to occupy it, if they don't mind some crowd. It is fewteen meter wide, few dozens meter long, and fewteen meter high.

    Let's take a look inside. The roof, which lets through some sunlight, is decorated with multicolored patterns. I wish I had taken more photos, but it all brightens up the mood a little.

    Well, it's time for the main attraction…

    There are no unicorns on Earth, …

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  • Vengir

    This list is supposed to be constantly updated.

    Best stuff from Egmont

    1. My Little Pony. Dziennik dwóch sióstr (Journal of Two Sisters)
    2. My Little Pony. Pinkie Pie i szalone Skałkoparty (Chapter book)
    3. My Little Pony. Applejack i pamiętna pomyłka (Chapter book)
    4. My Little Pony. Rainbow Dash i wyzwanie Dzielnej Do (Chapter book)
    5. My Little Pony. Elementy Harmonii (Guidebook)
    6. My Little Pony. Twilight Sparkle i Zaklęcie Kryształowego Serca (Chapter book)
    7. My Little Pony. Rarity i niezwykły przypadek Charity (Chapter book)
    8. My Little Pony (Mój Kucyk Pony) (All IDW comics; released and announced)
    9. Equestria Girls. Czas zabłysnąć, Sunset Shimmer! (chapter book)

    Other stuff from Egmont

    1. My Little Pony. Moje bajeczki o kucykach (Storybook, content unknown)
    2. My Little Pon…
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  • Vengir

    This blog entry will be different than all of my previous ones (please don't look at the very first one: it's embarrassing :V). Here I'll provide, as the title suggest, my headcanon, explaining why there wasn't any contradiction made in the recent season 6 premiere.

    This didn't start out as a blog post originally. I originally posted it in the comment section under the list of episodes, but it became a little lengthy and I put some time into it. To avoid it being buried in the pagination of forgetfulness (), I've decided to immortalize it in a blog.

    Beware, as it may contain some spoilers. The biggest spoiler was hidden behind a black bar. Highlight it if you want to read the text inside.


    My new personal headcanon:

    The ancient alicorns w…

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