This blog entry will be different than all of my previous ones (please don't look at the very first one: it's embarrassing :V). Here I'll provide, as the title suggest, my headcanon, explaining why there wasn't any contradiction made in the recent season 6 premiere.

This didn't start out as a blog post originally. I originally posted it in the comment section under the list of episodes, but it became a little lengthy and I put some time into it. To avoid it being buried in the pagination of forgetfulness ((bleh)), I've decided to immortalize it in a blog.

Beware, as it may contain some spoilers. The biggest spoiler was hidden behind a black bar. Highlight it if you want to read the text inside.


Original comment: March 27, 2016

My new personal headcanon:

The ancient alicorns were a highly magical race living in a land called "Canterlot". In their search of knowledge they've unleashed a curse upon their race that caused the majority of their race to wither and die. Two sisters were somehow saved, but even then they could be rendered infertile. By the time Equestria was founded, Celestia and Luna were already among the last surviving members of their race. Currently we have knowledge of three alicorns that survived the apocalypse, with only two of them being currently in a relative good condition and the third one shattered, with two ponies on a mission to piece her back together.

Perhaps one or more of them did try to mother a foal, but even if she succeeded, it was never an alicorn. The newborn would only be able to inherit the pony magic from the father side, and a non-alicorn father would only be able to give one of the three kinds of magic at a single time*, whereas an alicorn requires three to be developed.

By the time Princess Celestia discovered a way to grant alicornhood to other ponies, she had already abandoned hopes of restoring the alicorn race. Perhaps this is for the better, since we avoided the temptation of giving alicorn powers to undeserving ponies and controlled breeding.

The birth of Flurry Heart is the first alicorn birth since the apocalypse. Is it a new hope for the alicorns, or perhaps a unique event that can't be repeated regularly enough? Only time will tell.

*Usually the father and the mother will give the magic appropriate to their own race. If the family line was "impure", there will be residues of magic of other races, but only one of them will be dominant enough to determine the race. In rare cases those residues can overpower the magic from the race of a parent, as seen in Cake Babies. Only an alicorn body can will three kinds of magic to coexist peacefully.

Expansion: March 30, 2016

In recent tweets AK Rogers confirmed Celestia and Luna were intended to be alicorns by birth. There were certain hints in the Journatl, but it's nice to have definitive confirmation.

Regardless, even if they too were awarded alicorn status at some point in their lives, we already knew they were alicorns when asked to be the princesses of Equestria, which means Celestia's statement in season 6 premiere was always in harmony with other official sources.

The only curious statement came from Luna. Somehow they didn't expect that an alicorn can give birth to an alicorn – and that's the real mystery which we can only speculate about. Certainly it didn't happen in the history of Equestria, but why? Perhaps this will be explained another time, but here are some possibilities.

  • A curse or other ailment affected alicorns and their breeding capabilities. (as explained above)
  • Because, simply, it has never happened… by choice. Celestia nor Luna never had any foal. Cadance is the first artificial alicorn to have one (or perhaps even the first artificial alicorn ever) and the princesses weren't sure if the offspring of an artificial alicorn can be an alicorn oneself. This is a similar theory to the one by AK Rogers, although it provides no explanation as to what had happened to the ancient alicorns.

Additional comments

  • Well the "Royal Canterlot Voice" had to come from somewhere. When Celestia and Luna lived in the Castle of the Two Sisters, that was probably Old Canterlot, before the Everfree trees were planted by Discord, and they didn't grow until sometime after Nightmare Moon's defeat. But that's just me. ~Mega Sean 45
    • Starlight Glimmer considerably scared S6E1
      So Flurry Heart destroyed the Crystal Heart with the Royal Canterlot Voice? Headcanon accepted! ~TheBluParchment
    • The Castle of the Two Sisters, as we know from the Journal of the Two Sisters, was built later, after they took reign over Equestria, in an already existing forest.
      The Royal Canterlot Voice would be named after the ancient alicorn nation that existed before the apocalypse. Celestia and Luna were still young when that happened, but they still didn't forget everything about its customs. ~Vengir
  • I like that idea! Celestia did say that Equestria had never had a naturally-born Alicorn, nothing about the rest of the world. ~Cutie Mark Crusader Craver
  • The Journal of the Two Sisters said alicorns taught them the Royal Canterlot Voice. The best explanation to make it consistent with Season 6 is that alicorns come from another land ~KillRoy231