Once upon a time I've heard that in Łódź in Poland a unicorn stable was reportedly built. Lately, while I was nearby, I took the opportunity to take a closer look. Obviously, as a true Brony, whenever unicorns are involved, I had to do some research and show you what it's all about.


The construction is quite noticeable and decently sized. Roughly 1000 people should be able to occupy it, if they don't mind some crowd. It is fewteen meter wide, few dozens meter long, and fewteen meter high.


Let's take a look inside. The roof, which lets through some sunlight, is decorated with multicolored patterns. I wish I had taken more photos, but it all brightens up the mood a little.

Well, it's time for the main attraction…


There are no unicorns on Earth, you sillies! It's just a tram exchange station in the city center. 4 tracks total, at each about 3 trams are able to stop at once. Pretty much all the time there is a set coming or leaving. Due to its colorful look the Łódź citizens nicknamed the place „stajnia jednorożców” – which of course means "unicorn stable".