Equestria Daily has given us an overview on the new merchandise coming out this year. Toy Gallery here.


  1. Nightmare Moon
  2. Vinyl Scratch / DJ Pon-3
  3. The Great and Powerful Trixie
  4. A WHITE Celestia
  5. Zecora
  6. Heartstrings/Lyra ( Hopefully it goes for Lyra; just so we can argue about which one is more canon. )

Sadly I haven't seen a Bon-Bon one to go along with her. So I can't make them kiss each other. :(

According to Equestria Daily; these three products are Toys R' Us exclusives and will retail in the fall.

Being a British brony, I hope Hasbro release these products (bar the McDonalds toys' their chips [fries] aren't soft enough and they always leave the gherkin in) outside of the United States. I'm not the sort to furiously bid four-hundred quid on eBay for a set either.

Also some other things which I couldn't comprehend due to tiredness.