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    ok, this might not apply to everyone else, in fact, im certain it doesn't apply to everybody else, but I've encountered this one little problem whilst trying to add some photo's to a gallery.

    I'm serious though, it's rally starting to tick me off, and it's getting really hard to tolerate it. but for some reason or another, the Cantorlot Wedding images gallery will not allow me to upload photos to it. I click on the add photo icon, and nothing comes up, I'm just wondering if there's a legitamte problem, or if it's closed off to some people, or that it's just heavy traffic. I'd just like to know rather than sitting there wondering why it won't acknowledge me.

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  • Verruck

    Lesson zero fun fact

    April 7, 2012 by Verruck

    I know it may seem like completely superfluous knowledge, but when I examined the barn-busting scene in Lesson zero, I made a few rational inferences and was able to work out a calculation of how much energy Rainbow Dash hits AJ's old barn with.

    assuming that Rainbow Dash is 45kg (approximatly 100lbs) and that she begins her dive at what looks to be around 1000m, she doesn't quite sonic rainboom, but gets fast reguardless. she is in her dive for around 5.8 seconds, and her acceleration is close to 57m/s^2.

    The final energy output upon the instance of impact with the barn is approximatly 1337.69 mJ.

    or roughly 319.7 kg of TNT. sorry, made a gross mistake, I meant that it had the force of 313.4 TONS of TNT.

    so now you know

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    One of the big reasons, if not the main reason I so thourougly enjoy watching My little Pony is all the allusions they macke throughout the episodes. those little things add so much to it, to be able to recognize and understand the reference is really fun. It's also very intreguing, because there are allusions already in it, but it makes you wonder, did I miss any? what else could there be? it sparks further interest in understanding all the cool backround information involved with the episode. I really like it, what do you like about MLP?

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