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Hello everyone! I am VillainNut but on other websites, I am known as VA Bobby G. :) I do fandubs on Youtube and other stuff. I voice King Sombra most of the time on my channel and guest appearences in other channels. So yeah. xD I'm one of those underatted Youtubers. But hey what can ya do! LOL Here is a story of how I became a Brony! 

I been a Brony for 6 and a half years. It all started way back in 2011, when I was still obsessed with The Lion King, a great Disney film.<I roleplayed a lot back then on Myspace and Facebook and I was not a good one back then. But I learnt overtime.

I was also playing a online role playing game called Feralheart a lot back then. It's based on both The Lion King, Balto, and other great movies. ^^ You play as Lions and Wolves but you can customize it to another species if you like. xD My main character on there was Mstari, a Liger who was the only one of his kind to be born in the wild and is trying to survive the hardships of his time there and create a Pride for his own. :) I made a couple of friends there. ^^ Some I still talk to today and they are awesome!

One day, while I was watching Youtube videos, I was watching a Villain Defeats video. I am a huge fan of Villains. They are the most interesting and coolest characters in movies, games, books, etc. And I always find it satisfying when they meet their own demise or defeat. I could not find the video today because there is too many villain defeat videos that makes it hard to find or that it got deleted. Who knows. LOL

So while I was watching the video; I saw Discord, one of the characters of My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic. He has a very unique design to him and he looked like a cool character! :) I like Chimera creatures and mythical creatures. So I looked him up on Google and Wikipedia and turns out; he is from My Little Pony. xD

At first, I was surprised. They have a cool looking designed character in a show intended for little girls. What surprised me more is while I was on Wikipedia, that is where I first heard of the shows success and the Brony fandom. I was like "WHAAAAA!!!? There are actual guys who watch this! Why do they like this?". Yeah. I was surprised and confused but I was not disgusted and it got me curious. xD In fact, I found it amazing!

So I checked the show out myself on November 4, 2011. I watched the entire first season in one day, it didn't take long. xDD Then I got to the latest episodes back then, the first 4 episodes of Season 2. The second season's two-part premiere and Luna Eclipsed really sealed the deal for me. I loved Discord and Princess Luna and when the show went on, I became a King Sombra fan as well. :) Luna and Sombra are characters in the show as well. While Princess Luna is a reformed villain and hero, King Sombra is the evilest pony on the show and I loved him. xD He is fun to voice as well!!

And that is the story of how I became a Brony! :)

Main cast and Discord group hug S4E26

Friendship truly is magic! <3