Hello guys, this is my first blog post and I am here to talk about my new and probably permanent favorite MLP episode, Crusaders of the Lost Mark.

First off, I must say Apple Bloom is my favorite character of them all, so that is one of the reasons this episode means a lot to me. I simply find her so endearing and a lot like me in some ways, being that she worries so much about the future and is so close with her sister. I also love her color scheme (her fur is my favorite color and I like how her mane and tail are apple skin colored while her fur is apple core colored), her cute bow, and how her eyes are the color of sunset.

Anyway, onto the episode itself...

Best points

  • The Songs - There were so many of them but they were catchy and added a lot of emotion to the episode. Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Diamond Tiara sang, and Silver Spoon sang for what I think was the first time.
  • The Character Designs - We got a lot of colorful background foals in this episode, many of them new and refreshing. I especially loved the surprisingly strong rose-colored filly with fluttershy eyes and purple mane. I think I saw her shadow on the MLP Season 5 teaser poster.
  • The Visuals - I loved the transitions, angles, and overall superb animation in this episode, especially during the song sequences. It was such eye-candy and it looks like the animation team really gave it their all.
  • Diamond Tiara Redemption - Diamond Tiara got a realistic and amazing redemption that wasn't too rushed. She seemed a little snobby even after her redemption but that's fine, and she called the CMCs her friends. Plus if it weren't for her, the CMC wouldn't have their cutie marks.
  • CMC Getting their Cutie Marks - WOW they finally got their cutie marks and in such a beautiful way. I love how their cutie marks were unexpected and that they all have the same special talent--helping others'understand THEIR cutie marks. Their Cutie Marks are still distinctive, having different images in the middle.
  • The Ending - The flashback sequence made me explode with emotion and I loved Apple Jack's, Rainbow Dash's, and Rarity's reactions to the CMC getting their cutie marks. Also the photo being sent to Celestia like in the opening theme was a spectacular touch.

Other thoughts

  • I think we saw a glimpse of Fluttershy's brother, the white pegasus flying next to Fluttershy in the photo at the end. I could be wrong, though.
  • Applejack said 'if mom and dad were here', obviously referring to the fact that they're dead.
  • Some really funny expressive faces in this episode.
  • Diamond Tiara's snout... wow... well, at least it's unique. XD
  • The school now has a nice playground, yay.

I rate this episode 10/10 and I can't think of a single thing I didn't like about it. I have never felt such strong emotion while watching a MLP episode before and this made me love MLP ten times more than I already do. I really want to become a much more active member of the fandom now. I'm looking forward to more episodes about the CMC helping others' discover their talents and what Diamond and Tiara and Silver Spoon get up to now that they're good.