You know what? I’ve seen the worst in people, Where I have seen a lot of it? In the fandom about “Love and Tolerating”, I’m talking about the Brony fandom. From what I have seen and dealt with Bronies are not anything like that.
Yes, Yes, I was a brony, Note the past tense. I still like the stuff that the fandom makes, I’ll still be watching My Little Pony though I won’t be doing it as a Brony. Bronies have dealt with a lot, I know that though the dealing of that is done against the code of Love and Tolerate. Even in the fandom itself there is hate, prime examples of this is the Mic The Microphone incident with FiMFiction, Skoon’s fight against a Derpibooru admin about getting some pictures onto Derpibooru and even some bronies whom are extremely against Not Safe For Work items. Shows examples of the fighting within this fandom and some of the more prejudice things within.
Love and Tolerate shouldn’t even be linked to Bronies, Just the show. Not even things like “For the Flock” or “All for one, One for All”, No the motto it seems for Bronies is “Defend for thy self, We are alone in the world.” As half the time it seems that a Brony is only for themselves and themselves only!
So please, Do me a favour. Even though I will like what is produced from the Brony Fandom and I will still like the show, Call me an Otaku as at least that fandom hold more respect.

This is all I think, Feel free to add in what you think in the comments, Or just feel free to rage at me, I don’t mind, I just wanted to speak my mind. Rift Cyra Floweff14.png .flow