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    My Pony OCs

    March 25, 2017 by WOLFPREDATORQUEEN1

    I'm sorry fellow MLP fans, I'd have something here to show you my Ponysona & OCs, unfortunately another wiki go-er & I have taken Issues with eachother... So I can't really show you anything... I thought This Wiki about MLP would be a good change from Xenopedia from time to time, But I guess I was mistaken, the people on Xenopedia may say things I may not argee with and I've only ever taken Issue with Leigh Burne for a short while durning the start of being on Xenopedia, but we're on good terms now. Seriously, All I want to do is just express my MLP art and I figured I'd do it here since my DeivantArt is Only for Alien and Predator Stuff and Other serious works. I guess I'll have to find somewhere else to post MLP fanart, I may have to sta…

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    Looks like somebody from Hasbros is also a fan of a monster movie that not all of you know, if not, never heard of, and that just so happens to be... Pumpkinhead! The movie was made back in 1988, and stars Lance Henriksen, who we all know as Bishop or Mr.Weyland from the Aliens/Predator series. Thats right! Lance Herriksen stared in pumpkinhead as Ed Harley & as Ed Harley's ghost as Pumpkinhead has since made 3 sequels & even talk of a possible reboot, though that is unknown. It is in the 3rd & 4th Pumpkinhead movies that Ed Harley's ghost appears. Now the reason I'm talking about Pumpkinhead In something thats MLP is because of one episode from season 5 that has something in common with the 4th Pumpkinhead movie. By now, you all should've…

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