Looks like somebody from Hasbros is also a fan of a monster movie that not all of you know, if not, never heard of, and that just so happens to be... Pumpkinhead! The movie was made back in 1988, and stars Lance Henriksen, who we all know as Bishop or Mr.Weyland from the Aliens/Predator series. Thats right! Lance Herriksen stared in pumpkinhead as Ed Harley & as Ed Harley's ghost as Pumpkinhead has since made 3 sequels & even talk of a possible reboot, though that is unknown. It is in the 3rd & 4th Pumpkinhead movies that Ed Harley's ghost appears. Now the reason I'm talking about Pumpkinhead In something thats MLP is because of one episode from season 5 that has something in common with the 4th Pumpkinhead movie. By now, you all should've already seen this episode by now, but if you haven't, Spoilers... In episode of 23 of season 5, "The Hooffields & McColts", Twilight & Fluttershy are sent by the map to a valley within the Smokey Mountains to stop a feud between two neighboring families, the Hooffields and the McColts. Now for anybody, or should I say... Anypony thats heard or even seen any of the Pumpkinhead movies, This episode's plot seen a bit familar to Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud, which does involves a family feud between The Hatfields & McCoys... Hatfields-Hooffields, McCoys-McColts... Seen the similaries there? Somebody making the episode must've gotten the Idea from Pumpkinhead: Blood feud... However, thats not necessarily true, as It turns out... The Hatfields & McCoys were not just fictional character in a pumpkinhead movie, but were actually very real people, and they were two families of West Virginia-Kentucky area along the Tug Fork of Big Sandy river. During the most heated years of the feud, each family was ruled by a well-known patriarch. William Anderson Hatfield, known as "Devil Anse", by the 1870s was an increasingly successful timber merchant who employed dozens of men, including some McCoys. Both the Hatfield & McCoy Families had a complex kinship and social networks. Family loyalty was often determined, not only by blood, but by employment & proximity. The families even intermarried & sometimes switched family loyalties, even once the feud started. Relations between the families continued to sour over the next decade after the murder of Asa Harman McCoy in 1865 by the logan wildcats. Asa Harman McCoy served in the American civil war, and was regarded as a traitor. The temper between the two families flared over seemingly small matters, like a dispute over a single hog. As the feud faded, both family leaders attempted to recede into relative obscurity. Although the conflict subsided generations ago, They're names continue to loom large in the American imagintion. Should I also mention that there are many movies & shows based off of the legandary family feud? Looks like looking into history can explain alot. And while there is no real connection between The Hooffields & McColts episode & Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud, However... They both are based off of the Hatfields & McCoys & they're family feud... I guess that counts for something?.