I'm sorry fellow MLP fans, I'd have something here to show you my Ponysona & OCs, unfortunately another wiki go-er & I have taken Issues with eachother... So I can't really show you anything... I thought This Wiki about MLP would be a good change from Xenopedia from time to time, But I guess I was mistaken, the people on Xenopedia may say things I may not argee with and I've only ever taken Issue with Leigh Burne for a short while durning the start of being on Xenopedia, but we're on good terms now. Seriously, All I want to do is just express my MLP art and I figured I'd do it here since my DeivantArt is Only for Alien and Predator Stuff and Other serious works. I guess I'll have to find somewhere else to post MLP fanart, I may have to start a 2nd DeviantArt For that if I have to. So with that, Sorry, You can still see my Ponysona on my profile, but thats all you'll really... On the lighter side, whos excited for a new season of MLP & the MLP movie? I know I am. I'm more excited for Alien Covenant & War of planet of the apes, so thats 3 movies I'm excited to see.