Twilight Sparkle 

Extremely intelligent, and I’m guessing she is also an astronomy nerd (judging by the multiple Catadioptric telescope). She happens to be rational all the time, except for only twice throughout the entire show, unlike her fellow friends, who have different problems constantly (Which is a bit strange). However, she doesn’t really seem to be fitting in with other ponies due to her always-rational personality and a different level of intelligence, which is pretty amazing. Twilight deserves to know how to solve a Rubik’s cube (cause she’s genius and all)!

Rainbow Dash

A 20% cooler pony who had great achievements in life. Being a member in the Wonderbolts isn’t for everybody and she deserves to be respected for that. However Dash happens to be pretty irrational (also extremely arrogant) once in awhile, which is a pretty big contrast to Twilight. What is really cool about her is that apparently she can break the sound barrier from stationary in less than 2 seconds (as seen in No Second Prances), which is insanely fast. I feel like she’s the next pony to be turned into an alicorn in the future seasons, due to her achievements and the significant lessons she had. 


Quite intelligent, in fact, smarter than many of the adult ponies. He is absolutely one of the very smart characters and actually aware of the situation around him. Also, he can be more rational than Twilight at times, such as when she freaks out, Spike stays calm. My favorite quote from Spike is “And I though Twilight was the master of freak-outs.” So in conclusion, he is rational and intelligent, as well as dragon abilities such as breathing fire!