Hey guys, I just finished watching probably the best movie in 2016 (my opinion), Rouge One! 

[Contains major spoilers! Read at your own risk!]

Before the release of the movie, I was seriously hyped and was really looking forward to the release of the Star Wars story, and I have to say, I was more than satisfied with the movie and its quality. This movie in my opinion was the best Star Wars movie so far. Rouge One’s graphics is beyond amazing, especially Scarif’s shores seen from low orbit, also the battle of the shore was extremely good too. The plot had lots or twists and was 10/10 overall, but was quite unexpected. 

However, this movie isn’t quite like the usual Star Wars I’d expect, since most Star Wars movie have dark sides, but is outshined by the bright side…. not this one no! This movie is like a battle film… or even Saving Private Death Stars Plans if you know what I mean (Normandy Landings into Scarif Landings from space!). In the beginning when Jyn’s mother died was sad, then Saw, then finally Jyn’s dad, which was really depressing. I thought that was probably it for the casualties… but little did I know…

In the battle of the shores of Scarif, Chirrut(the blind guy), Baze (blind guy’s friend) and the saved Imperial polite died, which I was like that it… this movie took way too many kills. But still, little did I know… The robot was destroyed and both the main charcaters died, finally ended with a Vadar massacre! 

Wow… This movie killed everyone… yep! However, I believe this shows the reality of things and how dark can a war really be, which is good. This surprises me though, Disney released this movie with a rating of PG13, but this movie is way darker and is not like the other Star Wars movies. 

I like how the ending of this movie was the beginning of A New Hope though, and this is probably why they would kill all of the characters, or else like most people said, they would have be in A New Hope, which I disagree, since The Rebellion is a big organization and Jyn could have nothing to do with Luke in the later adventures.

Overall, this movie was absolutely amazing and mind blowing, but it’s quite dark, so I would recommend you to watch it if you are into Star Wars!