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    My story

    January 27, 2014 by Warhammer123

    DISCLAIMER: I do not own MLP, nor work for Hasbro. I do, however, own the character Navy Blue. I did not develop MLP for television. That honor goes to Lauren Faust and the Hasbro team. Please enjoy!



    4 Years ago…


    Navy Blue was walking down the streets of Manehatten with her son, James. Little did she know that THAT moment would be her last of normality. Then, the changelings attacked. An explosion rocked the ground near her, and she collapsed, stunned. She then got up and fell back on her military training, telling James to stay safe and stay low. Her son was not stupid and did what he was told; he knew something was VERY wrong. His beloved mother had never spoken to him like that before, not even when he had broken her flight trophy form…

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