DISCLAIMER: I do not own MLP, nor work for Hasbro. I do, however, own the character Navy Blue. I did not develop MLP for television. That honor goes to Lauren Faust and the Hasbro team. Please enjoy!



4 Years ago…


Navy Blue was walking down the streets of Manehatten with her son, James. Little did she know that THAT moment would be her last of normality. Then, the changelings attacked. An explosion rocked the ground near her, and she collapsed, stunned. She then got up and fell back on her military training, telling James to stay safe and stay low. Her son was not stupid and did what he was told; he knew something was VERY wrong. His beloved mother had never spoken to him like that before, not even when he had broken her flight trophy form the navy. Navy opened her magnificent wings and took to the air, head-butting any changeling that dared cross her path. She fought harder than she had ever fought in her life, perhaps because she thought she hadn’t fought hard enough in the battle in which her husband, Sky, had paid the ultimate sacrifice. She rose to her wanted height and began destroying any changeling that she saw, brutally attacking with no quarter given…or taken. Eventually she was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of changelings, and forced to the ground, where she was laid out, in front of the Changeling queen. “Ahhh, Navy Blue, we meet again”, she said. Navy replied by spitting at her and shouting, “I hate you, you winged freak!” The queen replied sternly, “Now, now, is that any way to treat your future ruler?” Navy didn’t say a word, just staring at the Horrible pony that had so brutally killed her beloved Sky, because he had severely wounded the Queen. There was another explosion nearby. The Queen rolled her head back and laughed, knowing she had finally won. She lowered her head to discharge a wicked blast of dark energy at her hated foe, to destroy the lovely Navy Blue once and for all. Just then, a brilliant blast of blue light appeared and struck the Queen, throwing her quite some distance. Then, Navy’s old friend, Shining Armor appeared and said “Navy, are you OK?” Navy nodded, rolled over, flapped her awesome wings, and landed squarely on her hooves. “Navy,” Shining started,”We found James.” Navy nodded, knowing that Shining would have taken him somewhere safe. “Navy,” he started again. Navy looked at her old friend, knowing something was wrong. He hadn’t sounded like this since his mother died. “Navy,” he said, close to tears, “its James. He’s hurt. Very badly.” Navy didn’t hear the rest of the sentence, as she was already in the air. She flew to the nearest hospital, knowing that was where her son would be. She landed, running as she did. She sprinted inside, searching, searching… Finally she saw him, lying on a gurney with a large piece of glass embedded in his little body. He was being rushed to the OR by several doctors. She shouts “James!” and is swiftly tackled by four burly security guards. She easily defeats them, leaving them dazed, but mostly unhurt, a testament to her military skills. She quickly gallops after her wounded son, following the blood trail on the floor. The blood leads into an OR, guarded by two soldiers, posted there by Shining. She implores the guards with her head down, pleading with them to let her pass. “I’m sorry ma’am, the only pony getting through these doors is Navy Blue”, the Sergeant says. Navy slowly looks up and the guard’s face simultaneously lights up with recognition and darkens with shame. He stammers “S-sorry, ma’am, go right in”, and opens the door for her. She steps into the operating room and sees her son, broken and dying, on the table. The surgeons step back, shaking their heads as they walk past Navy. James slowly turns his head towards his mother, gazing with glazed eyes. “Mommy”, he says, weakly. “I’m here, darling. Mommy’s here.” She replies, rushing to the side of his bed. “I’m sorry, mommy”, James says. “For what darling?, Navy asks, the tears starting to roll down her cheeks. “For not staying safe, like you told me to. I’m so very sorry, mommy. I thought if I went and looked for you, I would be safer. Then a big boom happened right next to me and I flew into a window. It broke, mommy. Please tell the owners I’m sorry…” His voice was getting weaker and weaker with every passing word. “I’m sure the owners are ok with it, dear. It was an accident. Now please, stop talking and rest.” The tears where flowing freely down her face as she realized the inevitable and unwanted was occurring, right before her eyes. James looks at her one last time and says one last thing, so quietly she almost missed it. “I love you, mommy.”, He says. Then, the monitor flatlines, and she knows she will never get to see her son fly, or get married, or have fillies and colts of his own. She puts her head on his still chest and begins to weep.