aka That annoying Piece of Crap

  • I live in My imagination
  • I was born on March 15
  • My occupation is God of Tytuypos (no, that was not intentional)
  • I am American-Asian
  • Wh!te$tar

    Hi everyone! :D

    November 20, 2012 by Wh!te$tar

    Hi guys, I'm Whitestar, a.k.a Whitestar1802 on Deviantart, but you can call me White or Faelan! So...I'm new, but I've been on chat alot the last few days. But...I'm awful with names. :< So, I guess this is just the blog where I'll try to get aquainted with everypony and make new friends.

    Wow, I should probably write some more here. Well, on personality tests I'm most like Pinkie Pie, though my friends say I'm most like Celestia, and I say I'm most like Rapunzel. I love alot of movies and shows, like Disney, Miyazaki, Sherlock, and some anime like Pokemon or Digimon. I live in Kentucky (I'm the only brony here I think. lol) and I love my town! It's my favorite thing to paint. I'm an artist, if you couldn't tell from the last comment, and m…

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