Hi guys, I'm Whitestar, a.k.a Whitestar1802 on Deviantart, but you can call me White or Faelan! So...I'm new, but I've been on chat alot the last few days. But...I'm awful with names. :< So, I guess this is just the blog where I'll try to get aquainted with everypony and make new friends.

Wow, I should probably write some more here. Well, on personality tests I'm most like Pinkie Pie, though my friends say I'm most like Celestia, and I say I'm most like Rapunzel. I love alot of movies and shows, like Disney, Miyazaki, Sherlock, and some anime like Pokemon or Digimon. I live in Kentucky (I'm the only brony here I think. lol) and I love my town! It's my favorite thing to paint. I'm an artist, if you couldn't tell from the last comment, and my Da's right here: I reply with links to reaction faces alot, and express my feels in ALL CAPS alot.

So, what about you guys? :D