I hadn't realized that the idea of a wiki was to take something that someone spent days of hard work creating, and whittle it down so much as to turn it into what is nearly identical to what folks were directed specifically not to create: a page that essentially says "Oh boy, horns and wings, and wings and horns, and did we mention wings and horns? Oh, and princesses, yay!"

I spent hours upon hours of research getting all of the data that went into the original article, and with the help of a couple of moderators, learned what was appropriate and acceptable on this particular wiki. I wrote everything out in conversational style, because that was what I was instructed to do, and the page gets comments about first-person narritave, and speculation. Everything in this article was fact, including the bits that stated the researched (and referenced) statements about there being no evidence of either end of a fandom discussion on the matter of this type of pony. 

Hells, if I'd have known that all my hard work was going to be for nothing, I would have just let everypony fend for themselves on here, and saved myself time for things that were not only more important to my own life, but that would also stand a chance of being appreciated instead of torn apart by one little Celestia-obsessed ingrate with a cut-and paste fetish.

Now I know what the spam filter meant by "Common Vandalism". It's what just happened to all of my hard work.

Go get Bot-laid and foundered, you fly-bitten tick-farms!