Well, everybrony here is doing this. So, I probably should too. Here is my idea of next season!

Season theme: Villains

Weirdo Resurrection Part 1

The ponies come across six very strange ponies who act very differently. Like they've never been to Equestria before...

Weirdo Resurrection Part 2

When the strange ponies steal Discord's power, somepony finally returns to Equestria to help stop them.

A Tale of Two Baddies

Xavier (the villain of the premiere and leader of the six friends) spends the day with Starlight. (A dark cloud suddenly has white eyes at the end)

On Pony Tides

Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie are called down to a hidden village near Vanhoover where a Leviathan is terrorizing the sea town.

Freaky Fillies

A magical accident sends the ponies of Ponyville into each other’s bodies.

Give or Cake

Shining and Cadence decide to have Flurry Heart have a playdate with Pound and Pumpkin Cake.

The King of Pie

Pinkie Pie becomes addicted to a video game and secludes herself from her friends.

The Key Mane Six

Starlight befriends Silver Shill, Seabreeze, and Miss Coco Pommel.

Stallion Expectations

Rainbow Dash and Rarity are sent to Trottingham where the family in Pip's old house can't get along.

Angel Come Home

Angel runs away from home after Fluttershy becomes too assertive.

The Princess Wonderbolt

Rainbow Dash teaches Twilight the proper flying techniques.

The Grand Royal Summit

Princess Celestia has trouble dealing with royal members who aren't ponies. (A suit of Armor mysterious disappears).

Potty Mouth Crusaders

The CMC hear Terrence accidentally swearing and they unintentionally use that word all over town. It’s something like Spongebob’s Sailor Mouth

The Cloudsdale Adventure

Applejack gets mad at Rainbow Dash for overwatering her apple trees. (An apple mysteriously rolls of a table)

Luna 13

The CMC ask Princess Luna to try and help a filly get to the moon.

Two Stallions and a Magician

When Larry and Randall's argument leads to ruining Trixie's magic show, she decides to teach them a magic lesson.

Applejewel Returns

When Applejack looks back to when she got her cutie mark she decides to spend the day with Diamond Tiara.

Not like them

Rarity wants to have more unicorn magic.

Time to Pony up

Terrence becomes interested to Power Ponies so Spike takes him to the convention in Fillydelphia

The Great Crystal War

Discord accidentally sends out heroes to the alternate timeline where Sombra declares war.

No Place like Home

Twilight Sparkle and Applejack are called by the map to the place where Zecora came from.

Colts in the Hood

A famous rapper recognizes Fluttershy’s amazing singing. Guest Star: Nick Cannon

Rover and Me

Cynthia and Allison come across the Diamond dogs. Both girls have totally different opinions on them. (a pink bear with a cane appears in Fluttershy’s garden for a split second.

The Griffon on Mane Street

The CMC visit Babs Seed so Gabby can enjoy Manehatten. (News article reveals most wanted criminal in Manehattan has escaped).

The Terrifying Ten Part 1

Chrysalis returns with her revenge: nine other irredeemable villains as her actual friends!

The Terrifying Ten Part 2

When the terrifying ten plan to break out all the creatures of Tartarus (including Tirek) somepony’s going to have to take the ultimate sacrifice to get rid of Chrysalis and her friends once and for all. That pony is going to learn what it truly means to be a villain.


Best Quotes

  • Sunset Shimmer was my sister!
  • Don't tell me you don't recognize your own niece, Twilight!
  • Queen Chrysalis steals love because she's a being of pure evil. It that good enough?
  • Starlight, Chrysalis said, and I quote, "There is no revenge you could ever conceive of that will come close to what I will exact upon you one day, Starlight Glimmer!"  You changed the whole timeline by undoing a group friends. What could possible be worse than that?!
  • I'm not Rainbow Dash, I'm Rarity.
  • Ow! My @!#$% foot!
  • Zecora embarrassed herself, so she left us for some new shelf.
  • Awww, a puppy!
  • I decided to use the one magic you'd never expect someone as horrible as me to ever use.
  • Think about it Chrysalis, all your plans were a failure all because of your naive stupidity. Remember Timbucktu? If it wasn't for your magic the Pegasi would've won just by using brute force. Then, at Trot, the Unicorn's drove you out, you returned and Celestia gave you your holes. Years goes by and you invaded Canterlot during a wedding. Everything would've gone perfectly, until you stupidly looked over Cadance and Shining Armor, you didn't even notice how powerful the love was making youself stronger. To get revenge on Twilight you then kidnapped three fillies at the time of that comet only to have Twilight beat you when she was powered up. You were also too much of a coward to even hear the word "Umbrum". Then Starlight came along. Once again, you overlooked everything not learning anything from your past mistakes. You even rejected redemption after Starlight showed you what happens when you share. As a result you lost your entire hive. And now here you are, are a pathetic, naive, stupid embodiment of evil finally crumbling to dust!