Power Ponies ID Annual 2014

It's been quite a while since we last saw the Power Ponies. There were thinking about making a separate comic book series. But now from the way I look at it, it's losing its popularity. Which is why I have an idea. Us fans will make a web series and web films like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here's the best idea I can think of:

Phase 1

  • Masked Matterhorn Movie
  • Mistress Mare-velous Movie (Saddle Ranger makes a cameo)
  • Second Matterhorn Movie (where she meets Humdrum)
  • Zapp movie (Radiance makes a cameo)
  • Fili-Second movie
  • First Power Ponies movie

Phase 2

  • Third Masked Matterhorn Movie
  • Second Zapp movie
  • Radiance movie
  • Inky Quills tv series starts
  • Humdrum Netflix series starts
  • Saddle Ranger Movie

Phase 3

  • Power Ponies Civil War
  • Long Face Movie
  • Mayor Blossom tv series starts
  • Second Radiance movie
  • Mane-iac tv series starts
  • High Heel movie
  • Second Mistrss Mare-velous Movie
  • Final Power Ponies movie (Like Sucide Squad)

This plan should be a success, but it can be edited. I hope we do get a separe comic power pony series, the annual 2014 was so awesome!