Inspired from yesterday, there have a numerous amount of things on this show left hanging, aka unrevealed. I just don’t like it. So I decided to create yet another top ten list. For this list, I’m counting down my personal opinion on some the unrevealed stuff on the show that bothered me the most. These are all plot relevant that have a slight impact on the series, not just one measly incident.

10.How Featherweight got his Cutie Mark

Featherweight showing cutie mark S2E23

Don’t think I’m just overreacting before we even get started. At the beginning of the polarizing Ponyville Confidential, we see a colt named Featherweight getting his cutie mark, but never how he got it. From what the CMC are saying, it wasn’t likely he was going to get a cutie mark, at least before them.

9.Cerberus’ “distraction”

Cerberus S2E20

We all know that when Cerberus left his post at the gates of Tartarus, Lord Tirek was somehow able to escape.But the question is: why did he leave the gate. As shown in the Season 4 finale, Cerberus guards the gate from the inside, meaning he’d have to leave the door open. I guess that makes sense, but considering he guards the gates he must be very focused. But then again, get did focus on that ball.

8.Trixie and the gifted school

School for Gifted Unicorns exterior S5E25

Trixie is a fabulous character. Some time ago, our princess stated that she went to Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns. However, when the artist tried to draw Trixie in a comic there, Hasbro said she didn’t go. It’s just that that bother me, a yellow pony next to her was very popular with fans. She was said to be her mother but due to Hasbro I don’t know what to think now. Most fans are saying she went but dropped out and never graduated, and I can totally agree to that.

7.Pony of Shadows

Shadowy figure S4E03

At the end of the Season 4 episode, Castle Mane-ia, there was a shadow with glowing yellow eyes. The Mane Six (and Spike) all believed that Pinkie was just pretending to be the pony of shadows. Some fans believe that shadow was in fact Tirek due to something similar happening in the Season 4 finale. When ask if that was true, we got a laugh and were told it’s up to us fans to decide.

6.Spitfire's humiliating nickname

Wonderbolts laughing with Rainbow Dash S6E7

The controversy surrounding Newbie Dash are the Wonderbolts calling Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Crash. Rainbow has been called that nickname many times in the past but this episode focuses on it. At the end of the episode to make them feel better, the reveal they all had nicknames, but Spitfire’s was just whispered in her ear. The only clue we get is that is way worse than Rainbow Crash. Someone of Derpibooru suggest that her name is … she’s right it’s worse! While we totally can’t say sure, to me it’s obvious that was the nickname Spitfire had.

5.The ash lands timeline

The barren wasteland S5E26

At least this one was officially confirmed. The final future showed in the pretty dark Season 5 finale was a complete barren deserted wasteland. You’d think something terrible happened, obviously that must have been true. When tweeted, we got the answer that we will not be getting the answer as it will destroy all headcanons. I’m actually glad about that because, come on, do you real want to know what cause that?! I know this show attracted a lot of adult mans, but it was still meant for little girls.

4.Suri got off the hook?!

Suri 'Would you mind...' S4E08

Suri Polomare is often regarded as one of the worst ponies on the show. She stole Rarity’s whole fashion line and forced Coco Pommel to constantly get her coffee. But after Coco gave Rarity the trophy she sees to have just mysteriously disappeared. She was last seen in The Gift of the Maud Pie talking to another pony. What I don’t like is how we didn’t get to see any punishment towards her. At least Svengallop was seen sulking at the Las Pegasus hotel. Someone on Deviantart drew a picture of Suri covered with coffee from Coco, but that wasn’t official, I wish it was though.

3.Sunset’s human home

Sunset writing a friendship report to Princess Twilight EG2

Sunset Shimmer is a character I’m literally in love with. She moved from Equestria to the human world. But where does she live? When Twilight and Spike came to the human world they stayed in the library and slept on books. I have story on where Sunset lives but I’m not sure if the crew wants that too. I saw a comic depicting Sunset living in the Janitor’s closet but that’s just wrong to me. In the Friendship Games movie, the was originally a subplot with Sunset being homesick. However, since that was deleted it's not considered canon.

2.The Apple Pie relation

Applejack reads Pinkie's card S5E20

If it wasn’t for number 1, this entry would’ve been on top of it all! In the popular episode of Season 4 Pinkie Pie and the four Sweet Apple Acres ponies go on a road trip to see if their related. When looking back, I noticed that lots of fans were focusing more on the comedy and the song rather than the mystery. To me, this is a really great discovery that two of the Mane six might be related. And the fact that it got unrevealed bothered me for weeks! I know most of you are saying it doesn’t matter, she’s still an apple to them, but it just bothers me. However, most fans say they are in fact related in blood, due to Goldie Delicious being similar to Pinkie Pie, most notably is that they both have the ability to pull books from a tower without the rest on top collapsing. I thought Hearthbreakers was gonna finally reveal it due to a tweet question regarding Maud Pie in the Apples as well, but that didn’t happen. But at least it was brought up again (in the comics too), I loved that scene where Applejack read “cousin’s forever.” And let’s face, it’s the word Pie that is smudged, it’s a three letter word, what else can it say?! In conclusion, I think they are related, but it’s not Pinkie who’s an apple to the core, it’s Applejack who’s a pie to the crust.

Honorable Mentions

Because of everyone's comments, I am now adding an honorable mentions section

1.Where did Spike come from

Spike looking at a mirror S2E21

The only thing more than Apple Pie family is the Spike the Dragon family. In the Season 2 episode, Dragon Quest, Spike wonders about his identity. The question I’m asking for this last one is: where did Princess Celestia get that egg? ... That is all.


Do you agree with my list? Which mystery frustrated you the most? There are tons of other mysteries around the world of cartoons too as a reminder.

Maybe they will be answered, maybe they won’t, but it’s actually fun to draw your own conclusions.