Now that the finale and the season are done, I have something to introduce. The Terrifying Ten! I wanted to review nine other villains to prepare myself for the dark finale. I decided to make them into an unstoppable crossover villain team. This is not, repeat not, a top ten, it’s more like a game of bravery. I got inspired mostly from this, do Alain’s first two opponents look familiar?

Read at your own risk

Level 1: Dimentio

Dimentio is the true main antagonist from Super Paper Mario for the Wii, often regarded as one of (if not the) darkest Mario video games. He can create energy balls resemble his yellow and purple colors, make clones of himself that can fire more ball, and even create box that explode on the inside. In the game, Dimentio is merely one of the comedic minion’s to Count Bleck (real name Blumiere) but when he is defeated he sees this opportunity to reveal his true nature. He uses Luigi, the Chaos heart, and himself to make a seemingly unstoppable being. With the power of friendship and love, he becomes vulnerable and then is defeated.

Level 2: Chief Blue Meanie

This member of the ten is a little lighter. This main antagonist of an animated Beatles film inspired the Powerpuff Girls villain, Him, another show created by our princess (I miss her). He leads an army of blue meanies that come in various forms.

  • Storm Bloopers short arrows from cannon’s causing people they hit to become petrified
  • Apple Bonkers drop big green apples on people with the same effect.
  • Countdown Clowns sound alarms to the other blue meanies. They also create explosion but are required by other blue meanies to touch their noses, which are high up.
  • Snapping Turtle Turks have giant jaws on the torso and stomachs that eat whatever they can.
  • Butterfly Stompers, true to their name, love to stomp of butterflies.
  • Hidden-Persuaders may look nice but hidden within their shoe is a gun.
  • Jack the Nippers look like cool shaded gangsters and have alligator mouth’s for hands.
  • The Bulldog has four heads and eight legs.

He is the only villain to truly be redeemed. Plus, blue meanies are said to actually represent all the bad people in the world. It’s even hinted when John Lennon said there were blue meanies watching that very movie.

Level 3: Mrs. Gorf

The original teacher of Wayside Elementary school, she loves to turn kids into apples. Ultimately, she is defeated when Jenny (girl who went to school on Saturday) held up a mirror and Mrs. Gorf turned herself into an apple. She appears later as a ghost and potato salad. Her son, Mr. Gorf, tried to avenge her but Miss Mush, the school lunch lady, saved the children.

Level 4: Wilfre

He was originally a well-respected grey raposa, that’s a kind of fox. But then curiosity got to this fox, disaster struck. He stole a magical book and wanted to make his own creations. Unfortunately they came out wrong, now can control black monsters and vowed to cover the raposa world in eternal darkness. When that plan failed he decided to drain all of the world’s color. Maybe he wasn’t that bad actually from his origin he looked more like a tragic villain, but he’s still not redeemed.

Level 5: Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear

Don’t let this guy fool you for one nanosecond. Hey may look plush and huggable and smell strawberries but he’s a monster. After an incident with his old child replacing him, he holds toys captive at a day care until they break and are sent to the dump. He is said to be Mister Rogers as a Mafia Don. Rumor he was originally going to be redeemed, but ultimately he wasn’t making the “Where’s your kid now, sheriff” quote even more harsh. His fate is being stuck to the front of the truck of apparently a grown up Sid.

Level 6: The Other Mother/Beldam

The main antagonist of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, this creature has buttons for eyes and takes children hostage. She controls a whole world and lures innocent children into it. She then sews buttons into their eyes (with their permission) and eats them. She’s unhuman!

Level 7: Guile Hideout

As the old Sinnoh Myth says: If you bear your sword to bring harm upon us, with claws and fangs, we will exact a toll. This villain I actually love. This villain is a Pokémon villain, but he is only seen in the comics. Guile’s goal is to capture the Wish Pokémon, Jirachi, and summon a sea monster (Kyogre) that can flood the whole world. He wears blue armor that grants him eternal life and carries a purple sword that can deflect anything. He is actually Archie, the leader of the recently disbanded Team Aqua. The Pokémon Adventures manga is a lot dark than the rest of the whole Pokémon series. The most notable examples were the Pokémon zombies and an Arbok being sliced in half! But you could compare the latter to this.

Level 8: Dahlia Hawthorne

Here, we have the beautiful member. Ace Attorney has a lot of villains, and a lot of them have awesome breakdowns. Her breakdown will be music to your ears. That’s because she was responsible for many innocent victims. She first started out as the daughter of Morgan Fey and an unnamed male jeweler. After a divorce, Dahlia wanted her father’s money. So she, her stepsister Valerie, and fake-boyfriend and tutor Terry Fawles staged a fake kidnapping. But Valerie betrayed them, Dahlia fell in a river and Terry was put in death row. Valerie felt guilty and was going to tell the truth but Dahlia got rid her then framed Terry once again. Her cousin, Mia Fey, tried to expose her, but Terry suddenly drank some poison in an act of true love (or so he thought). It wasn’t until much later when Dahlia put Mia’s associate, Diego, in a coma then killed another fake boyfriend, Doug Swallow, and blamed it on Phoenix Wright, yet another fake boyfriend. Mia finally got her in jail. Soon she was put in the death row, but before her death she met with her mother, Morgan, and devised a plan to get revenge on Mia for good. Since Mia was already gone because of Redd White, they decided to get rid of her sister Maya instead. But Godot (really Diego awake from his coma) saw through this and got rid of her. Later in court she was channeled by Maya and Phoenix and Mia finally got her by saw she will never win. Her spirit was never channeled again.

Dishonorable Mentions

Before we get to the penultimate boss before Queen Chrysalis, here are some other villains that didn’t make the team.

  • Bill Cipher: He was too much like Dimentio, I going to have him at first but Dimentio looked cooler. Plus, Bill’s gang in Weirdmageddon actually kind of inspired this team
  • Kristoph Gavin: I just had to have a villain in business but Gavin was a little too much. Don’t worry, the penultimate boss works for business too.
  • The Phantom: Another ace attorney villain, he, Kristoph and Dahlia were the three big bad’s of Ace attorney. Each villain represent a protagonist, Dahlia with Wright, Kristoph with Justice, and Phantom with Cykes. I didn’t choose Phantom because our leader is a master of disguise.
  • The Beast over the Garden Wall: Cartoon Network has a lot of silly villains, but this one is not one of them. He's serious, evil, and even successful is his actions. But the problem is that his face is always hidden (except in one nanosecond scene) so he would work for a villain team.
  • Weevil and Jafar: That’s right, those first two Pokémon mega trainers’ designs looked totally like those two. But Weevil not really a villain just a jerk, and I decided not to use any Disney villains (that includes Jafar) because they were pretty much a cross canon team of their own. Besides, with that This Day Aria, Chrysalis is easily compared to a Disney villain. Too bad there were only two other trainers seen in Alain’s challenge, and I couldn’t anyone similar to that woman with the mega Aggron, Lysandre could’ve found trainers with some manners.
  • The Evil Entity: That "thing" is just way too powerful. If I added that one to the list, it will stand out with the rest of the villains. I like it but it's just not fit for a villain team.

Level 9: Hannibal Lecter

Ranked the number one movie villain, Dr. Lecter is a cannibal. When he talks he just strikes fear into your heart. He was born to a rich family then became orphaned with his sister, Mischa. They were attacked in the forest by a bomber and were captured by the Nazi’s. Mischa was eaten by them right in front of Hannibal’s eyes. They even gave him some to eat! Traumatized he escapes the forest unable to speak. In an orphanage, he was bullied by the other children and treated very badly by the dean. Finally, he was adopted by his uncle and nurse got him to speak again. Following his uncle’s death, starts some sort of relationship with his step-aunt. At the time, he had aptitude and got into medical school and such a young age. Despite that, he still wanted to desperately avenge his sister’s death. Beginning as a teenager was the Hannibal Lecter we know today. His first victim, a guys who sells fish because he insulted the nurse that healed him. Then he tracks down and gets the exact men to avenge her sister. Then he slowly loses his insanity. You know, most villains like Lecter actually do behave the way we do because their lives were crushed. But some are just born that way, like Chrysalis, she even admitted it!

So what do you think? Ok, so the finale wasn’t that dark, but it was actually still smart for me to review these guys. Maybe Chrysalis will gang up with these guys, or at least ponies similar to them.

Who's your favorite of the Terrifying Ten?

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