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  • Wiiguy1606

    Contains Rainbow Rocks spoilers

    Hmm..I re-watched the film and figured out 12 of the 16 bands whose icons appeared on the tourament chart near the beginning of the Dazzlings' "Under Our Spell" I don't have a picture yet, but I'll list the official names and unofficial names of the bands.

    Rainbooms: Our Humane 6 (icon: horseshoe and rainbow)

    Dazzlings: Our Villains (icon: musical notes and red siren pendants)

    Flash Sentry's band (icon: a speaker that looks like Flash's cutie mark)

    Trixie and the Illusions (icon: moon and stars like the one on Trixie's wizard hat)

    Snips and Snails' rap (icon: brick wall with graffti of a pair of scissors and a snail)

    Crusaders (icon: 3 skulls on fire; fire matches the girls' hair colors)

    Bulk Biceps and his violin (icon:…

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