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    DISCLAIMER: This post was done the 19th, but in the evening, so by the time I re-check this it'll be the 20th, which is my BIRTHDAY! WOOOT!

    Of course I shouldn't  expect many people to congratulate, as in the past few weeks I have been able to quickly strain diplomatic relations (not political, Winditical) with at least 5 people and probably ennerved many others, although on this day I wish for a peace treaty to be signed! I'll completely respect your opinions (at least for today) and we can have parties and dance! Anyways happy birthday to me!

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    Hi everyone! I know that i already made my idas for s7, but this time it's actually just ideas on what you want for S7! You guys can share below as well, I'm just going to explain ideas for episodes, arc, characters, and direction here!

    I have some great ideas for episods for Season 7! Such as the premiere for Season 7:

    S7E01/02: Pony Pony Revolution, part 1 & 2

    Plot: Princess Twilight and her friends must aid in the survival of Equestria after a large group of monarch-hating ponies overthrow Princess Celestia and luna frm their throne and installing an equality seeking group, with a twist called dictatorship. Can Twilight survive the 'Royal Purification' initiated by the ponies in charge and save the dead monarch, or will Equestria become an…

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    Hi everyone! Today, I'm writing this blog post to tell you what my favourite to least favourite episodes of Season 6 so far are! (From The Crystalling to Dungeons and Discords) I'll later on update it (maybe?).

    1. Spice Up Your Life - Brilliant work of Michael Vogel, fantastic, catchy new song, excellent Map episode.

    2. Saddle Row & Rec - Most hilarious episode of Season 6 (so far), an excellent work of Michael Vogel. Unique new storytelling style with the interviews and excellent little details, colourful new characters and nice connection to The Gift of the Maud Pie.

    3. Dungeons & Discords - Also another hilarious and fantastically done episode! Great references, fantastic parody of the actual game, and Discord! Also Nick did another fantas…

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    Hi everyone! It's time for the long-awaited episode list for season 11 (fanon of course!)

    Theme of S11: Acceptance

    MLP Season 11 Episode List (Fanon)
    Episode Plot
    S11E01- Operation: Royal Disaster, Part 1 Twilight is sent to the city of Vanhoover where she discovered that a group of ponies called the 'Anti-Royal Brothers' is planning to abolish and destroy the monarchy!
    S11E02 - Operation: Royal Disaster, Part 2 After being captured and losing her horn and wings, it's up to Twilight to stop them frm destroying the monarchy, and saving Equestria from utter chaos (and not the Discord kind!)!
    S11E03 - A Friend, I Need Applejack learns that her friend, Rara, was crushed after rebellious ponies caused her concert room to collapse on her, and must acc…

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    Hi everyone! I'm going to write about my custom history of Equestria and how it came to be today's!

    (E.Y = Equestrian Year, P.U = Pre-Celestia)

    Custom History of Equestria
    Year Event
    500 P.C The 3 races, Unicorn, Pegasus and Earth ponies all unite to found the grounds of Equestria. Current areas in Equestria include Canterlot, Ponyville, Dodge City, Smokey Mountains and the Neighgara Falls.
    223 P.C After years of being a free-ruled aligarchy, the Great Equestrian Revolution leads to an absolute monarchy, with Princess Eterna as the first ruler.
    197-192 P.C Equestrian Colonization Period, getting Appleoosa, Cloudsdale, and Fillydelfphia.
    188 P.C Birth of Princesses Dawn and Dusk.
    150 P.C Princesses Dawn and Dusk's coronation, and they succeed. Eque…

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