Custom History of Equestria - From Foundings to Flurry Heart

Hi everyone! I'm going to write about my custom history of Equestria and how it came to be today's!

(E.Y = Equestrian Year, P.U = Pre-Celestia)

Custom History of Equestria
Year Event
500 P.C The 3 races, Unicorn, Pegasus and Earth ponies all unite to found the grounds of Equestria. Current areas in Equestria include Canterlot, Ponyville, Dodge City, Smokey Mountains and the Neighgara Falls.
223 P.C After years of being a free-ruled aligarchy, the Great Equestrian Revolution leads to an absolute monarchy, with Princess Eterna as the first ruler.
197-192 P.C Equestrian Colonization Period, getting Appleoosa, Cloudsdale, and Fillydelfphia.
188 P.C Birth of Princesses Dawn and Dusk.
150 P.C Princesses Dawn and Dusk's coronation, and they succeed. Equestria transits to an absolute oligarchy.
131 P.C Villager Starswirl is officially proclaimed State Wizard, Starswirl the Bearded.
124 P.C Great Scorpan-Tirekian invasion.
121 P.C Scorpan declares a permanent friendship alliance with the ponies, Tirek is exiled away to Tartarus.
104 P.C Las Pegasus, Baltimare, Manehatten, Vanhoover all are annexed by Equestria.
100-91 P.C Great Yak-Pony War, leads to complete isolation treaty isolating Yakyakistan frm the rest of the world.
51 P.C Princesses Dawn and Dusk are cursed by the Dragon's Curse, and will perish the first year after their successors.
0 P.C Princesses Celestia and Luna are born.
1 E.Y Princesses Dawn and Dusk are immediately killed.
20 E.Y  Official pricness coronation by Starswirl.
21 E.Y Princesses Celestia and Luna are now rulers.
40 E.Y Undiscovered west, Mysterious South and Crystal Mountains are now parts of Equestria.
101 E.Y  Peaceful democratic revolution in southwest violently stopped.
115-117 E.Y Red Equestria, when freedom seeking ponies, including Starswirl are all captured, tortured and hung.
189 E.Y Dragonian-Equestrian War with ceasefire placed.
215 E.Y Crystal Empire, an autonomous region of Equestria, is founded by the Crystal Mares.
231 E.Y Southern drought begins, commencing the decades of despair and waterless months in cities such as prosperous Appleoosa.
297 E.Y  Southern Drought weakens grasp, tens of thousands ponies perish without water. Most devastating event in Equestria at the time.
427 E.Y  Equestria creates a long alliance between far Saddle Arabia.
482 E.Y  Maretanian slaveboats arrive on Equestrian shores. Hundreds of ponies are concerned and demand an answer.
484 E.Y Pony slave rumours continue as Equestria establishes diplomatic relations with Maretania as well.
487 E.Y  Slavepony boat smashes, almost all are drowned. Citizen-Government relations are in critical conditions after it was leaked.
490-525 E.Y Equestrian Slave Conflict.
526 E.Y Yakyakistan and Equestria attempt to heal relations, fail after Yak slavery in Equestria is revealed.
545 E.Y Young pony named Sorie Embra (Sombra) is born.
606 E.Y Crystal Empire elections, Sombra is declared new leader.
610 E.Y The Ottomane Empire establishes diplomatic relations with Equestria.
612 E.Y Equestria reaches 8.5 million citizens.
613-622 E.Y Great Ottomane/Arabian immigration overload. 
623 E.Y Equestria gets 12 million citizens.
624 E.Y Saddle Arabian/Ottomane religion 'Neighslam' becomes a minority belief in Equestria; threatens Celestial law.
627 E.Y Sombra begins his descent into dictator.
631 E.Y Tensions rise after Neighslam is declared illegal and execution would be given for anyone practicing it, with Saddle arabia and Ottomane.
635 E.Y Ottomane Empire closes relations and expells all of its citizens from Equestria, population drops to 10.7.
638 E.Y Crystal Empire demands freedom from Equestria, Celestia puts down the revolution.
643 E.Y Saddle Arabia recalls its people, bans relations for 3000 years.
666 E.Y Tartarus left unattended, chaos brews into Equestria.