Favourite to Least Favourite Season 6 Episodes

Hi everyone! Today, I'm writing this blog post to tell you what my favourite to least favourite episodes of Season 6 so far are! (From The Crystalling to Dungeons and Discords) I'll later on update it (maybe?).

1. Spice Up Your LifeBrilliant work of Michael Vogel, fantastic, catchy new song, excellent Map episode.

2. Saddle Row & RecMost hilarious episode of Season 6 (so far), an excellent work of Michael Vogel. Unique new storytelling style with the interviews and excellent little details, colourful new characters and nice connection to The Gift of the Maud Pie.

3. Dungeons & DiscordsAlso another hilarious and fantastically done episode! Great references, fantastic parody of the actual game, and Discord! Also Nick did another fantastic job with this episode.

4. The Times They Are A ChangelingThis was a beautiful Spike episode. In this episode, not only did Spike sing a song, and make another new friend non-pony, but he helped protect and defend him, even in the most doubting times (of course he did make that ONE mistake by lying to Thorax when asked). I loved the song, the characters were fitting, return of Flurry Heart, Starlight and Sun Burst, the guards were actually sentient and unique characters, nice comedic scenes, and even the 'Sunshine, Sunshine' dance returns, the first with Twilight and Candace dancing with both of them princesses! The last time they did the dance was sometime in Season 3. Also, I loved the flashback too, and how THorax was born!

5. Stranger Than Fan FictionThis collab episode was done very well! Excellent lesson, more depth into Daring Do lore, great convention scenes, Quibble Pants, and the guest voice actor!

6. The Cart Before the Ponies - Ed V.'s first episode in Season 6 was a great start! Song was very good, CMC focus was already a very good touch too, and the carts looked amazing! Race was very well.

7. Gauntlet of FireFirst Spike episode and it was done great! Although not as impressive as Changeling, there still was lots of great scenes, such as the new dragon lore, the bully dragons getting their just desserts, Spike doing something impressive, great message of feminine roles in masculine jobs, and ending! Great job Lady writers, I can't wait for your 4th EG movie!

8. The Crystalling (both parts) - Although some will disagree with this being pretty high in my list, I still really liked it. I especially liked how the two stoires played very well and at the end collided into 1 large one smoothly. I really like reformed Starlight and Sunburst's story as well as Spike's involvement, Flurry Heart was very cute and also a great addition, and the problem was very good. Also, great new Crystal Empire lore!

9. No Second PrancesWow! Nick's 3rd episode is also in the top 10! Wonderful! Anyways i especially liked Trixie's return and ACTUAL reformation, as well as her dialogue with Starlight. I'm glad that their friendship was actually real and not just plot-needed fake. I especially like the emotional feels and the comedy. Twilight was very good though, although some may oppose and say she was acting out of character, I think it was reasonable for her to be a bit suspicious, two ex-antagonists with each other could cause another fire.

10. A Hearth's Warming TailThis season's holiday special! It was written by my tied-for-first Season 6's fav writer Michael Vogel, and it had some great scenes! Songs were fantastic, emotion was real, and decor! Although one small problem was just that it would've been better of instead a story, they actually celebrate it.

11. The Gift of the Maud PieVery good episode, especially with the first Rarity-Pinkie mashup! Although it happening in Manehattan was slightly disappointing, and this episode isn't exactly memorable, and that Maud Pie for me is a bit......too boring, I still really liked it! Good ending, and nice little scenes.

12. On Your MarksFirst CMC episode of Season 6! Yes, you can see that it's much lower than TCBTP, because really, it felt a bit weird for me. I don't know why, I mean the ending was good and that AJ assisting that little filly getting his CM was fantastic, and that ballet dance, but the song for this episode felt a bit....weird. 

13. Flutter BrutterAh yes. Fluttershy's brother. The one we heard about first last year. Now this episode came. Well, was very good. Not great though, and the character could've had a better look, the song was.....meh, but still very good. i really liked that we saw Fluttershy's family and home, and that we saw the slow trasnition from struggling, giving up mood to actually accomplishing mood for her brother. While his looks are weak, his personality is strong!

14. 28 Pranks LaterThis episode's hype wasn't very much. For firsts, it didn't have any sneak peeks before the week before its release, and some people assumed it'd be a Mare do Well 2.0. When it came, I thought it was just a solid good episode. Yeah, the episode felt quite weird for me, i don't know if it's because of the new writer, or just of its pacing and character choices, and the first scene already made Griffon the Brush-Off seem like a lie, as well as that the ponies weren't as zombie-ish as we thought (probably to make it more friendly but still). I did like the ending and the pranks, but yeah that was really it.

15. Newbie DashMeh.....Yeah, at first when people heard about an episode of Rainbow Dash finally getting into the Wonderbolts Academy, I think most were probably "Woohoo!" "Fantastic!" and "More development!" However when the episode came.....yeah it was a bit underwhelming for me. Let's just get the good things done. I liked the rooms of the place and more inside view of RD's home, and the small comedic act with Pinkie's cotton candy, but yeah it felt quite weak, with things such as RD's attempt of making her self look cool and ending up costing the show. So yeah, meh episode.

16. Applejack's "Day" OffBoring. Boring. Boring. This episode was pure dull. If there was a contest for most boring MLP episode, this would take the first place prize. Nothing EXCITING happened, the pacing was weird and wonky, the acts were dull/bland, and really it felt so slow. It's the worst episode of S6 (indefinetly perhaps) and one of the least fun episodes.

Those were my choices! What are you favourite and least fav episodes? Write down below! :D