MLP Ideas for S7

Hi everyone! I know that i already made my idas for s7, but this time it's actually just ideas on what you want for S7! You guys can share below as well, I'm just going to explain ideas for episodes, arc, characters, and direction here!


I have some great ideas for episods for Season 7! Such as the premiere for Season 7:

S7E01/02: Pony Pony Revolution, part 1 & 2

Plot: Princess Twilight and her friends must aid in the survival of Equestria after a large group of monarch-hating ponies overthrow Princess Celestia and luna frm their throne and installing an equality seeking group, with a twist called dictatorship. Can Twilight survive the 'Royal Purification' initiated by the ponies in charge and save the dead monarch, or will Equestria become an equal poor dictatorship?

Some people might ask "Isn't this similar to the cutie map?" or "This is a bit too politically similar to the Russian Revolution", but you know, I say "It's an idea that would be perfect and unique to fit, despite it similar to Russia, sometimes using real events and putting a pony-esque twist on them can give the perfect story!" So in this episode we would have Twilight ultimately putting her princesshood to the test to save Equestria from these ponies, creating a group called "The Golden Spades".

S7E??: Going Batty

Plot: Nightmare night is just around the corner, and everyone is preparing for the spooky holiday, even Fluttershy! However, when she ends up eating an apple which had been spilled by mysterious substances, it reactivates her 'bat' hormones and causes her to become a bat, again! This time however she becomes truly an evil one and threatens the celebrations! Can her friends return her to normal once and for all, or is Flutterbat truly going to stay?

Basically the true return of Flutterbat. NOT as a dream like in dpdoms, and not as a costume in Scare Master, but an actual bat. This time she becomes truly evil and attacks Ponyville, and it's up to her friends to save her! I was thinking this episod could be released as close as to Halloween as possible, or at least during a nice time. 

S7E??: Manehattan Takes Rarity

Plot: Rarity returns to Manehattan, to visit her boutique, however she then learns that she has to stay in Manehattan as her boutique is in risk of closing without her! Rarity is forced to choose; stay in Manehattan to hold up her boutique, or stay in Ponyville and lose her boutique! And Rarity surprisingly chooses to stay in Manehattan, despite her friends hoping not. 

The title is going to be the reverse of the S4 episode. Why? Because instead of her "Taking" manehattan, the city takes her! Literally! It'll be nice to see how Rarity copes being stuck in her favourite city, without her friends! Unlike usual episodes where its the cliché and she ends up going back, this episode will immediately start with her being sent there and us seeing her stay there for a couple of weeks! (Of course we wont be able to tell how long really becaue it'll be in the same episode).

S7E??: Applewood Spectactular!

Plot: Applejack is invited to the one and only Applewood by her friend Rara to see her new concert!

A simple yet exciting plot. This can be a musical as it takes place in Applewood (Hollywood!). It's just going to be Applejack because it's a unique twist as the one who has the least intentions of going there, gets to go!

S7E??: The Golden Empire

Plot: A mishap with Flurry Heart's powerful magic and some elements have caused the entire emprie to transform into a golden wonderland! However, this prevents any love from getting into the forcefield protecting the empire and it's up to Twilight and Starlight to return this empire to crystal before the golden empire is frozen!

Who knew gold could be bad?! Well, this episode'll prove it to ya! Although it sounds a bit weird on paper, I have a perfect thought of it! Because of this incident, Twi and Star are quickly called over by Cadence. Upon arrival they se that everything is gold, even the ponies! Unfortunately, the gold causes blocks which prevents love from entering the Crystal Heart, putting the entire empire at risk! To save the empire Twilight and Starlight must find 5 remaining crystal objects which survived the goldening and feed them to the cry-golden heart so they can reverse and rescue the empire!

S7E??: The Ember Strikes Back

Plot: The Valley of the Dragons with their new leader, Princess Ember, faces catastrophe after the griffons recklessly attack the land, confusing it to be an enemy! Destroyed, Princess Ember summons Spike in order to help convince the dragon citizens to work together and be responsible in order to restore the destroyed land.

OK, OK OK! Enough of your "Griffonstone" rehash episode nonsense! It's nothing like that episode. This time, the dragons all lose hope and decide to live independently and to remain indoors, due to the attack. Because of this Ember struggles to keep the empire up and is forced to go to Draconian measures such as force the dragons to leave and work or else punishment, which leads to her calling Spike and attempting him to try to get the dragons back on their feet.

S7E??: Dis or Datcord

Plot: Discord must choose whether he wants to remain a chaotic out-of-control creature or a polite yet harmonical and "normal" draconequs after his chaos causes so much harm, Fluttershy threatens their relationship by asking him to "reform or resign from this place!"

Sure, this sounds like an episode where it's trying to force Discord into a new person, but no worries, its not like that. Discord makes a huge mistake while being chaotic, and is forced to choose an option, and he TRIES to be in control and slowly goes crazy while trying to. Luckily Fluttershy forgives him in the end and understands how difficult it is to change just to please someone and Discord is allowed to remain chaotic. Discord even puts in the effort to make his chaos controlled only for good times not when ponies are busy or at work.


While Season 6 doesn't exactly have an arc (mapisodes are excluded and travelling around is just the theme) I think I know what a good arc should be for Season 7. It should be that the 3rd episode (note; none of these episodes will relate to the arc or be the 3rd episode) has them discover a circular shape in the wall of Twilight's castle, hidden away. They learn that this was here ever since the castle was created, and its also from the Tree of Harmony. There are 8 pieces (Mane 6, Starlight and Spike) and they each earn it from either quests or learning something new, or heck finding it somewhere! At the end, the 8 pieces then assist in the finale. I'm not exactly sure what will happen and this is all I can talk about the arc for now.


Obviously there has to be characters, and the obvious ones there will be are:

Twilight Sparkle



Rainbow Dash


Pinkie Pie


Characters I want:

Starlight Glimmer




Father/Daughter ponies from 'Spice Up Your Life'

Princess Cadence

Flurry Heart


Celestia and Luna

NEW Characters I want:

A new dragon named 'Platinum Scales'

Manehattan designer ponies

Applewood director pony

That's all for characters!


I think this season should head towards a more adventurous/emotional path because those kinds of episodes have had high rankings (Twilights Kingdom, Canterlot Wedding, Tanks for the Memories, etc) and it would fit this season. I'm thinking of the finale should include a lot of drama to spruce up the finale, because as you see, drama/adrenaline = higher ratings. Basically, the season should give up on new ways and should try to stick with their best themes, but not completely, just have it as the main course and have side dishes of other themes. Just to make it unique!