Hi everyone! I'm going to making a list of my top 20 favourite songs! I hope you enjoy!

WindigoWInter's 20 favourite songs!
Rank + Song Name Episode Name Notes/Reasons
20 - Smile Song A Friend in Deed Nice tempo, considered her 'theme' song, pretty simple but nice.
19 - At the Gala The Best Night Ever Gives us a taste of each character, very catchy, each part fits character.
18 - Failure/Success Song Crystal Empire (parts 1 and 2) Contrasting but in a good way, very heartwarming and beautiful.
17 - I'll Fly  Tanks for the Memories First Rainbow Dash solo, very nice vocals and animation.
16 - The Magic Inside The Mane Attraction Beautiful, heartwarming, also feels so real.
15 - Pinkie's Present A Hearth's Warming Tail Very upbeat and catchy, great holiday song sung by Pinkie.
14 - I've got to find a way Magical Mystery Cure Very saddening, heartwrenching and beautiful animation.
13 - Glass of Water Three's a Crowd Song is good, but the references and the animations are very hilarious!
12 - Find the music in you (Flutterguy) Filli Vanili Reminescing of S1's episode, also very catchy and funky.
11 - Apples to the Core Pinkie Apple Pie Very catchy, also very hyped from SDCC in 2013/14 and it was overall very well done.
10 - Bats Bats! Very differntiating between Fluttershy and Applejack, great orchestra and beautiful, yet sppoky animation.
9 - Generosity Rarity takes Manehattan Rarity's 'theme' song, and it shows all of Manehattan, and very catchy.
8 - Light of your mark Crusaders of the lost mark Very thrilling and exciting, just very fast and adventurous!
7 - Luna's Future A Hearth's Warming Tail Very dark and frightening, also first full Luna song and it was beautiful yet scary.
6 - A True, True Friend Magical Mystery Cure Just very happy when each remember and each time the tempo goes very well,also very heartwarming when they remember who they truly are.
5 - The Spectactle The Mane Attraction Very Lady Gaga and modern, I love pop so this is fantastic!
4 - Rules of Rarity Canterlot Boutique Lovely and just so unique, also reprises are very differing but still so amazing!
3 - It's Gonna Work Spice Up Your Life IT'S SUPER CATCHY! Also Bollywood and just super unique. This is one of MLP's best song choices yet! 
2 - Let the Rainbow Remind You Twilight's Kingdom, Part 2 I love this song, it's just so beautiful and recaps all the rainbow episodes and ends the arc, and also ends the episode on a superbly high note.
1 - You'll Play Your Part Twilight's Kingdom, Part 1 So beautiful. All 4 princess sing and all of them have lovely voices. Twilight sings lovely and started the song out perfectly, followed by Celestia who's voice is so assuring and soothing and her lyrics were fantabulous, followed by Luna who has an amazing voice and looks beautiful, plus her lyrics really fit her when she sang them, and then Cadence was the best and finally sang, and gave Twilight motivation, plus their dance at the end was darling and the animation with the cutie marks was done so well! Also it was one of the two songs of my favourite episode so bonus points for that!

Yeah, the majority is from S3-6 :P, anyways, write down YOUR top 20 MLP songs!