Season 7 Fan ideas
Episode Plot
S7E01 - Solar Flare, P1

The Mane 6 are invited to Princess Celestia's Birthday Party, when suddenly trouble arises.

S7E02 - Solar Flare, P2

With Celestia turned evil, it's up to the Mane 6 to activate the Gems of Serenity and to use it on power-hungry Solar Flare.

S7E03 -  Keepery Cavern Wonders

With the brand new Keepery Cavern Twilight has earned, she and the others decide to begin store valuable items and objects, however when they begin memorizing their values and wanting to keep them, it's up to Twilight to help them let them go.

S7E04 - Mundane Dash 

After being embarrased in front of her new idol Zap Speedster, Rainbow Dash decides to become a calm, boring type to not get embarrased again.

S7E05 - Flutterbrave

After letting too many friends down because of her shyness, Fluttershy gets Zecora to help her remove her shyness and become Flutterbrave.

S7E06 - Solar Eclipsed

When stressed out too much by the constant businesses, Celestia and Luna are given a vacation convinced by Twilight, however things do not go well after both Luna and Celestia begin arguing with each other.

S7E07 - Chez Pinkies

Pinkie Pie, influenced by the Cakes, opens up her own cakestaurant called Chez Pinkies. However she gets Rarity to help her out. Will they work together or end up messing things up?

S7E08 - The Dragon Tournament

Spike joins the Dragon Tournament which is hosted by Princess Ember in order to win the rank of Tournee King and show Ember once more his bravery.

S7E09 - Appleoosan Apple Rush

The Apple Family head over to Appleoosa after hearing about the rare Orange Apples being discovered.

S7E10 - Boutique Botch-up

Rarity must deal with the consquences of owning a litte bit too many boutiques.

S7E11 - The Lost City of Pegasopolis

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy go on an expedition to find the long lost city of Pegasopolis.

S7E12 - A Glimmering Star

Starlight Glimmer has been invited by none other than Photo Finish to Manehatten to become a star, however Twilight attempts to stop her from going.

S7E13 - Cutie Markers

The CMC have decided to participate in the Annual Ponyville Drawing Contest, however the thought of winning the contest ends up tearing them apart.

S7E14 - Honeymoon Cakes

Mr. and Mrs. Cakes decided to have a 2nd Honeymoon after their first one was botched, so they asked Pinkie Pie for assistance in planning their honeymoon.

S7E15 - Crystal Foals

Fluttershy and Applejack are called to the Crystal Empire when a drought has lead to the crops wiltering away and the ewes running away, leading to the 2 mares pushed to the test to do their parts.

S7E16 - Neigh York Yaks

Princess Twilight has been left in charge in helping out the Yak ceremony in Manehatten while Rainbow Dash is left to keep Prince Rutherford busy during the preperations.

S7E17 - Wonderbolts Ceremony

The annual Wonderbolts Ceremony is coming up, and Rainbow Dash tries to do everything possible in order to win one award.

S7E18 - Starlight Sparkle

When a visit in to the Keepery Cavern ends in mishap, Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer temporarily switch bodies and have to do each other's duties until it wears off.

S7E19 - Trixie Up my Sleeves

Trixie returns to Ponyville and has a surprise for Starlight Glimmer, however Twilight is still suspicious and tries to figure out what the surprise is.

S7E20 - Gala Gals

When Rainbow Dash and Rarity have to work together to host the next Grand Galloping Gala, they're forced to use both of their ideas despite them not liking eithers.

S7E21 - Rara's Return

Rara returns in order to play a song in Applejack's birthday, but when trouble occurs it's up to Spike to help her.

S7E22 - Saddle Arabian Adventure

The diplomats from Saddle Arabia have invited the Mane 6, Spike and Starlight Glimmer there! They expect many different things however arriving, when they find out their culture, will they be able to accept what they do, or will this be a disasterous visit?

S7E23 - Princess Rarity

After a disaster involving Rarity, some alicorn magic and pegasi feathers, Rarity accidently becomes an actual alicorn. Can Twilight be able to fix this mess, or will Rarity be the actual 6th Princess?

S7E24 - Fillies' Choice Awards

The Mane 6 go to the Fillies Choice Awards where they see the creations of art, music, film, and poetry of fillies! However, when Apple Bloom gets major stage fright, it's up to each of the Mane 6 to try to help her out before she goes up! 

S7E25 - Equestria Mares, P1

Twilight and Starlight decide to renovate the Keepery Cavern when suddenly the Gems of Serenity cause a major accident and breaks the portal to the human world wide open, causing both worlds to collide!

S7E26 - Equestria Mares, P2

When the Humane 6 meet the Mane 6 and Starlight meets Sunset, they must work together to fix the disaster as their worlds slowly collide as one, and fix both sides quickly!