Changes in Season 8 (fanon):

- Episode amount is now; 30

- Mane 6 now changed to Mane 7.

- Premiere won't be a 2-parter.

- Other small tidbits.


Episode Plot
S8E01: The Mer Kingdom The Mane 7 go to the Mer Kingdom to introduce themselves to the new Merponies.
S8E02: The Pear Family The Apple Family has to face a brand new competitor family, the Pear family, in order to win the Golden Apple Tree.
S8E03: Farm Fools

Applejack and Apple Bloom compete against each other in who can do the most chores in 1 day to win the Family Saddle.

S8E03: Bucklyn Ponies The Apple Family goes to Bucklyn to visit the Oranges who have gotten a new industrial farm.
S8E04: Survival of the Strong Rainbow Dash and Applejack are forced to camp for 3 days outside in the wilderness to win the ultimate medal.
S8E05: Rainbow Dash's Not-So Good Day Rainbow Dash faces a chain of bad events which leads her to completely lock herself at home to avoid anything else happening.
S8E06: Schooltrastophe! The CMC go on a field trip at school, only to lead them all into deep trouble.
S8E07: Pinkie's Island Pinkie Pie discovers an island and declares it "Party Island", however Applejack had also claimed this so they have a war of the island.
S8E08: Sleeping Cadence After having an exhausted day, Twilight must keep Cadence asleep without any disturbances or she could get seriously hurt.
S8E09: Ponyville Foundations Week Mayor Mare calls in Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity to help out with the deocrations for the Ponyville Foundations Week, but they have to work together despite their different likes.
S8E10: Twilight Squarepants After Twilight and Starlight end up having a mess with a spell, it causes a massive dimensional rift and blasting in some aquatic friends!
S8E11: Flutterdie Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie Pie all must keep Fluttershy alive and awake while Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Starlight and Spike search for a remedy for her; however Fluttershy slowly gets sicker and sicker by the hour. 
S8E12: Rararity When Rara has to call in sick and unable to perform at her concert, Rarity volunteers to replace her.
S8E13: Ugly Mark Crusaders The CMC are introduced to a new trio of foals at their school, called the Ugly Mark Crusaders.
S8E14: Wingin' It! Spike is called to the Dragon Lands by Princess Ember, who thinks Spike is ready to face the challenge to earn his dragon wings.
S8E15: Applebloomed Applebloom is excited to grow up but loses her spirit after she learns the consquences, so starts doing things to prevent herself from growing.
S8E16: My Name is Flurry Heart After Flurry Heart disappears, it's up to Sunburst and Starlight to find her before her birthday begins.
S8E17: Barely a Rarity Rarity attempts to find something very unique and special to remain the "rarest pony of Equestria!"
S8E18: DIamond Tiara and Pearl The CMC must help rekindle the relations of Diamond Tiara and her parents by finding the Grand Pearl.

S8E19: Meet the Dashs

Rainbow Dash invites Applejac and Pinkie Pie over to introduce them and their families to hers, but when a problem occurs it's up to the 3 to stop a triple-family feud from happening.
S8E20: Baby Cakes All Grown Up Mr and Mrs Cake take Pumpkin Cake to Magic Kindergarten, but is Pumpkin Cake actually ready to go just yet?
S8E21: The Ruby Empire The Mane 6 are called to the Crystal Empire to restore the crystallness after Flurry Heart accidently turned it into the RUBY empire!
S8E22: The Maneversary! The Mane 6 decided to celebrate their anniversary of becoming the best of friends, but their ideas of celebrating are different. Can they work it out, or will they end up seperating?
S8E23: Naughty Belle After a chain of events with Rarity keeping on breaking Sweetie Belle's knitting creations, Sweetie Belle wants revenge so she starts pulling nasty pranks, until one goes too far.
S8E24: Beyond the Stars Princess Celestia and Princess Luna reminense their childhood after Twilight discovers an older copy of their journal.
S8E25: Double Dash A spell mishap of Twilight's ends up causing Rainbow Dash to be DOUBLED!
S8E26: Breaking Dusk Twilight attempts to prevent dusk from arriving after learning a terrible thing.
S8E27: The Land of Discord Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie are invited by Discord to his hometown for a celebration preperation!
S8E28: Spike the Great and Powerful After earning his wings, Spike is left with a hard decision to choose whether to stay or go frm Ponyville to Dragon Lands after Ember offers him a very good offer; Dragon Prince rankhood if he went to the Dragon Lands for good!
S8E29: Midnight Flash, P1 After a large argument with her friends, Twilight's easily manipulative broken heart is tricked by a manipulitive spirit which causes her to turn evil!
S8,E30: Midnight Flash, P2 Equestria is trapped under a dark Twilight zone! It's up to the  Mane 5, Starlight and Spike to save Twilight and stop the end of Equestria!