Introduction + Features

Time for the 10th season of MLP, with some brand new ideas and fantastic new adventures! This time the theme is 'Royal Quest' which is to develop Princess Twilight's royalty status and develop her overall. Also this is the first season after the movie, so some writers like Meghan McCarthy, M.A Larson and even a special unexpected episode by Amy Keating Rogers will be returning! This season brings us brand new wonderous features:

- More Twilight character development

- Even more screentime for Discord, Spike and even the return of Flurry Heart!

- This season will have a slight more amount of episods with 28 instead of 26.

- Premiere to be 2-parter, finale will be 3-parter.

- S10E10 will be a fan-suggested episode with some fans' ideas being combined and turned into this episoed as a celebration for the 10th season!

Season 10: The Season of Princess
Episode Plot
S10E01: Bland-erlot, Part 1 Twilight is called by Cadence in order for a 'royalty assembly' in the Crystal Empire, however their plans are affected when they find out Canterlot has been completely flanderized and there was nothing special there anymore, which includes Princess Celestia and Luna!
S10E02: Bland-erlot, Part 2 As the cause of the flanderizing of Canterlot "The Bland Hand" slowly transforms Equestria into a bland land of nothingness and no colour, specialty or fun, Princess Twilight and Cadence venture into the Northern Mountains to obtains the Grand Gem which could stop the Bland Hand and prevent a blandpocalypse!
S10E03:Hassle in the Friendship Castle  After discovering a well-hidden room with all they could wish for, Twilight and Spike begin to fight over the secret room and begin a not-so-civil war with each other!
S10E04: Smash-It Sweetie Belle After accidently smashing a glass statue, she gets stuck with an insulting nick name and faces bullying from everypony at school.
S10E05: Knight in Shining Armor Shining Armor goes visits to Twilight and takes her on a sibling jouney across Equestria however their bonding plans don't go as planned.
S10E06: Cloudy with a Chance of Flurry Heart After Shining Armor leaves for his travelling, Princess Cadence asks of the rest of the Mane 7 for their assistance in taking care of Flurry Heart in certain areas for each mare.
S10E07: Bogger Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Applejack are all sent to the Bog in order to tame and befriend the legendary Hydra in order for Fluttershy to take care of it, however things were more difficult than they had expected.
S10E08: 21 Trot Street The CMC go to Bucklyn to hang out with Babs again, however they recieve shocking news of her going missing, and it's up to the 3 fillies to find her before "End Hour".
S10E09: In the Pinkie Twilight sends Rarity and Fluttershy down into Pinkie Pie via shrinking spell in order to retrieve the crystal apple Pinkie had accidently eaten.
S10E10: Your Choice Matters It's Ponyville Film Night, and Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Starlight, Spike and even Discord all have a movie to share, which each are written by lucky chosen fans. (10th season special)
S10E11: Fashion Finished After losing her creative touch, Rarity gives up on fashion and lives in woe, but it's up to Twilight to save both Rarity and her business from a stylish disaster!
S10E12: Equally Chaotic Starlight and Discord are introduced to each other via Fluttershy and as Starlight slowly hangs out with Discord more and more, Twilight gets more envious and even angry as they both bond with each other closer and closer.
S10E13: It's a Cinch! Madam Cinch, the head of Magic Kindergarten calls in sick and so Twilight replaces her as teacher, however things go awry after a cringy moment.
S10E14: A Sad, Sad, Starlight After hearing about her parents passing away, Starlight slowly falls into depression and it's up to Twilight and Spike to try to heal or cheer her up and help her out of this gloomy position before things go worse for her.
S10E15: A Fake, Fake Friend Lightning Dust, seeking revenge on Rainbow Dash, decides to manipulate Fluttershy into becoming her friend so she can learn more about Rainbow Dash's faults, weak spots and secrets.
S10E16: A Royal Pain After having a new wing of the Canterlot Library named after her, Twilight ends up beginning to brag and tell everyone about it, however Celestia, noticing her behaviour, decides to give the bigmouthed bookworm a punishment suited for her.
S10E17: Hatred and Hooveless Day Rarity steals one of Twilight's spell and attempts to alter it so everyone loves her, however it ends up making everyone despise each other and it's only Rarity who can stop this.
S10E18 - Double Pie Pinkie Pie gets a letter from none other than one of her clones from Too Many Pinkie Pies, however she's more different and had changed a lot, and has a lot of plans with Pinkie Pie...
S10E19 - Facing Your Peers After being ignored for too long, Spike attempts to tell Rarity he's gotten over her, but can he do it without being trapped under her trance again?
S10E20 - A Dragon's Work is Never Done To prove Twilight that he's now independent and can be trusted upon, he accepts the task of taking a package of delectable treats all the way to Las Pegasus; by foot!
S10E21 - Ms. Angrilee When not listened to one too many times, Ms. Cheerilee completely loses her happiness and becomes fueled with anger. Can the CMC help calm her back to normal, or is Ms. Cheerilee now going to become the aggressive, nasty ANGRILEE?
S10E22 - The Last Apple Tree Applejack is shocked to hear about there being only one last apple tree in Manehattan. Can she along with her family be able to convince the Oranges there to assist them protect the final apple tree?
S10E23 - Twilight Sprinkle Celestia and Luna have become sick! So to show them she cares, Twilight attempts to make doughnuts for them; with hooves only!
S10E24 - The Friendliest Rivals The Annual StrongPony's Strength Competition is here, and both Applejack and Rainbow Dash compete in order to win the title of Strongest Pony! However, will their rivalry tear their friendship apart, or do they still put friendship before winning?
S10E25 - When Old meets New Twilight Sparkle decides to introduce her new friend Starlight Glimmer to her old friends, however tensions rise between her and Moondancer! Can Twilight help them out, or will they become archenemies?
S10E26 - The Last Princess, Part I Even with her major accomplishments, Twilight still questions whether she's a good princess and whether she has done enough to fill her princess quota, however while she does, a mysterious new threat rises and kidnaps Luna, Celestia and even Flurry Heart!
S10E27 - The Last Princess, Part II The new villain - King Feminon, has taken 4 of the 5 princesses hostage, and has set himself as permanent leader of Equestria! He begins enslaving the unicorns and tortures the earth ponies, while Twilight desperately attempts to find a solution and stop him once and for all.
S10E28 - The Last Princess, Part III King Feminon has his powerful grips all over Equestria with ponies suffereing badly, including most of the Mane 7, other than Twilight. Finally, Twilight has found a plan, but will she be able to successfully pull it, or will she fail and join the other princesses in their depressing fate?