Windigo Winter's Fanon Ideas for Season 9!

Hi everyone! Time for another blog of more episode ideas! This time for Season 9! Everything here is made up and completely false, except for the Mane 6 and some others, except there may be a few new ones I made up.

So, I'm returning the "What's News? Features" thing from Season 8 here, just because I liked this concept.

What's New? Features

- This season will contain 26 episodes.

- Famous singer 'Selena Golmez' will be voicing a special guest pony in an episode.

- New Theme: Equestrian History

- This season will take place right before the 2017 MLP Movie, so some things will foreshadow to this movie.

- Writers that will be involved in this season are: Amy Keating Rogers, Dave Polsky, Cindy Morrow, Mike Vogel, Josh Haber, Ed Valentine, Scott Sonnebon, Nick Conaflone, along with new writers Justin Meran, Mia Tonia, Sandy James and Harold Flower.

- 3 new ponies to be introduced; Icy Thaw, Burning Heart, and Aquatic Soul, created by Mizu, Kasai and Aisu.

My Little Pony: Season 9 Episodes (Windigo's Ideas)
Episode Description
S09E01: The Kingdom of Kalas Part 1 The Mane 7 are cordially invited to Canterlot when Princess Celestia desperately needs their help to locate and start up relations with the new kingdom of Kalas!
S09E02: The Kingdom of Kalas Part 2 After a chaotic meeting, it's up to the Mane 7 to stop the Kalasians from destroying Equestria after a miscommunication.
S09E03: A Royal Pane Twilight visits the region of Kalas to help out Prince Icy Thaw in painting the castle, however when she accidently breaks a very important window, it's up to her to restore it before Icy Thaw notices it.
S09E04: A Glimmering Hope When trouble occurs between the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Starlight Glimmer steps in to try to resolve the problem, but can she resolve it without making it any worse?
S09E05: Princess Twilight and the Round Table Twilight is called to Canterlot and brings Spike along to do an important task; find many secrets of ancient Equestria.
S09E06: Fluttershy and the 7 Fillies Fluttershy is left to take care of the Baby Cakes, Flurry Heart, the CMC AND Aquatic Souls new filly Mini Splash after a royal Wonderbolts showcase is held.
S09E07: Trick or Pipsqueak Nightmare Night has returned and the CMC are about to go Trick-or-treating, when they suddenly bump into Pipsqueak who was alone and sad.
S09E08: Gilda's Guild In Griffonstone the Griffon Adventurer's Club hosts their annual Guild Quest, so Gilda invites Rainbow Dash, Twilight and Pinkie Pie over to join her guild and try out one of the greatest cultures of Griffonstone.
S09E09: Nighty-Night, Starlight! Spike couldn't sleep, so Starlight decides to volunteer and tells Spike some great ancient fables of Equestria!
S09E10: The Ponyville Elections Mayor Mare is stepping down and the Decadal Ponyville Mare Elections are being held, with Pinkie Pie, Spoiled Rich, Cranky Doodle and Octavia all running! 
S09E11: Welcome to Mareami! The Mane 7 go to Mareami in order to find a perfect present for a pony named Merry May's birthday!
S09E12: Applejack Goes Applewood! After Applejack's special "apple-bucking" talents get discovered by Applewood agent Super Star, she ends up becoming a big star at Applewood. Will her stardom and fame last, or will Applejack blow out like a star?
S09E13: Pinkie Party It's Pinkie's birthday! Because of it, Rainbow Dash, Starlight Glimmer and Rarity decide to secretly invite a special guest to the party, Serena Goldey! (note, Selena Golmez is the voice actress of Serena Goldey) (other note: large 2-month hiatus starts here)
S09E14: A Spike-Tactular Adventure When ancient scrolls dating to the ancient Equestrian tmes hve gone missing, Spike sets out on a journey ot locate the 5 missing ones in order to return them and prevent a panic.
S09E15: Apple Bobbin' After Flim and Flam convince the Appleoosans they're going to help them after purchasing the apple farms, it's up to the Apple Family in Ponyville to unite and save Appleoosa frm Flim and Flam's control, with the help of Apple Fritter who knows her way in the entire town.
S09E16: The Crystal Jewel Princess Cadence calls for Rarity and Twilight to the Crystal Empire to help search for the Crystal Jewel in order to recrystalize the Crystal Castle.
S09E17: Lightning Dash After getting stuck in a storm, Rainbow dash  inexplicatedly turns into a lightning-esque creature, and the only way to save her is to discover medieval Equestrian spells and combine them to stop the Lightning power to control her!
S09E18: The Flight of Scootlaoo Scootaloo hears about the Junior Wonderbolts trial, and desperate to enter and impress newly-Wonderbolted Rainbow Dash, Scootlaoo tries harder and harder to fly more than ever, however Applebloom and Sweetie Belle are concerned she may be hurting herself more than actually making progress.
S09E19: Bursting with Energy Sunburst is invited by Celestia to become the Royal Canterlot Wizard, but needing help, he calls Twilight and Starlight to assist him.
S09E20: Quite A-Museum Rarity and Applejack work together to open up the grand Equestrian History Museum in Canterlot, but must respect and use each others ideas as well, however things don't start off well for them.
S09E21: Winter Wrath-Up Winter has come, however when an accident devastating Cloudsdale's winter machine causing a terrifiyng storm to rage, it's up to none other than Discord to get to Cloudsdale before everypony is frozen!
S09E22: Element of Discord After saving Equestria, Discord was awarded his own medal but when it gets into the wrong hooves it's up to him to find it and prevent chaotic destruction!
S09E23: Ancient Haygypt! The Mane 7 go take a trip through time to Ancient Haygypt to get the grand scroll from Cleoponytra after she gets her hooves on it and she begins  using it to take over!
S09E24: Spike-ing the Punch It was Twilight's birthday, and this time Spike was left in charge to arrange it! However when things go weary, can Spike remain in charge and prevent disaster from rising?
S09E25: Winter of Death Part 1 Twilight is summoned to Canterlot after finding out ancient scrolls of ancient history being taken away and more evidence of what cause the devastating storm; Icy Thaw, who had now become Mega Blizzard!
S09326: Winter of Death Part 2 As Equestria is beginning to be covered by a doomful winter curse, it's up to Twilight to find  Aquatic Soul and Burning Heart to help stop Mega Blizzard!