Introduction and Features

Hi everyone! WindigoWinter back with another fanon episode idea list! This time it's for Season 11. It's going to be focused on The Power of Friendship so it'll be involving the Mane 6 (not 7 this time) a lot throughout the season. The season will as well involve the Equestria Games as well with the arc spreading across the 2nd half, which happens this time in Ponyville. Also, there'll be a special episode somewhere which will be 40 minutes instead of the usual 22 minutes. Let me show you the list of writers for this season.  Also total of episodes this season will be returning to the usual 26 episodes.

Writers for Season 11:

Amy Keating Rogers - 4 episodes

M.A Larson - 5 episodes.

Meghan McCarthy - 4 episodes.

Dave Polsky - 2 episodes.

Josh Haber - 2 episodes.

Ed Valentine - 3 episodes.

Nick Conaflone - 3 episodes.

Lauren Faust - 2 episodes

Special Guest Writer Mega Sean 451 episode

Aaaaand, the features!

- Starlight Glimmer does not appear in  Season 11 after the premiere, as she off-screened moved to the Crystal Empire to be closer with Sunburst, AND to become ambassador of the Crystal Empire!

- 1 special episode to commemorate the 250th episode, to be 40 minutes and to include some OC's.

- Character Development for a few background ponies; Muffins, Lyra, DJ-Pon3, and Merry May.

- Braeburn dies. 

- Return of Troubleshoes!

- Equestria Games arc returns, with it happening in Ponyville this time!

Episode List

MLP - Season 11 Episode List (Fanon Ideas)
Episode Plot
S11E01 - Element of Crystal, Part 1 Twilight Sparkle plans a visit to the Crystal Empire to see Cadence and Shining Armor along their child, accompanied by Starlight, however their plans are interrupted when the crystal part of the Crystal Empire is gone and turns the Empire into a boring, heartless place.
S11E02        - Element of Crystal, Part  2 Upon arrival, it's up to both Twilight and Starlight to rescue the empire from disintegrating into the ground permanently after the empire begins to fall because of their crystal power no longer helping them, so Twilight and Starlight both must find a way to stop the empire frm permanently going away and losing their friends and family!
S11E03 - The Winged Crisis! Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy lose their wings! It's up to the Mane 6 to find what happened ot all the wings by using their previously learned lessons and prevent a collapse of Equestria, without any princesses!
S11E04 - Just Clownin' Around! The CMC are invited to Troubleshoes' next performance in Bucklyn, however they learn that Troubleshoes had lost his identity and it's up to them to help get him back on track before he completely loses everything he had earned!
S11E05 - May you be Merry! While the ex-Starlight Mane 6 go on a trip to Canterlot to assist Celestia in an emergency, Spike is called by a pony named Merry May to help her feel happy with herself after she messed up at the Pegasi Convention!
S11E06 - The Dawn of Dawn Princess Luna asks for Pinkie Pie and Applejack who have big families to help her find her long lost mother, Princess Dawn!
S11E07 - The Last Draconequs After reminded by seeing his friends large families, Discord glooms about being the sole Draconequs. Can Fluttershy help him cheer up and find another Draconequs, or is Discord the last of his species?
S11E08 - The Friendliest Couple Lyra and Secret Agent Bon-Bon must go on a journey to find  and rescue Princess Twilight after she gets kidnapped!
S11E09 - Fashion Freak Rarity is tricked by a disguised-Suri Polomare to dress up in terrible, awkward and crazy outfits, which badly affects her fashion sense!
S11E10 - A Muffled Muffin Rainbow Dash tries to help Muffins after she faces discrimination and is unable to get a job! Can Rainbow Dash help her avoid the rude comments and get a good job, or will she fail and leave Muffins in an even worse position?
S11E11 - Atrocious Attacks in Appleoosa! After a large, sudden stampede of buffalos destroy and harm many Appleoosans, Applejack is called over there to help Braeburn, who was harmed the most.
S11E12 - The Perfect Pony Party! (250th episode special) Pinkie Pie is sent in charge of creating the Great Equestrian Millenial Celebration, and must go all over Equestria to invite and bring in many ponies of diversity, including Cheese Sandwich, Gilda, Zecora, Cadence, Rara and many, more! Later on, in Ponyville, Twilight is left in charge of decorations and has to ask for many ponies ideas on the decorations, including her old friend Moondancer!
S11E13 - Neighdusa While walking through the Everfree Forest to get some special ingredients, Fluttershy finds a Medusan pony who desperately needs her help to regain her powers.
S11E14 - Buttershy Fluttershy's cutie mark gets accelarted after a lightning strike and transforms her into a butterfly! At first she enjoys it but when her friends couldn't recognize her she, with the help of Angel must try to convince them she's a butterfly!
S11E15 - Electro-P0N135 Dj-Pon3 is hosting a techno music competition and Pinkie Pie enters and competes!
S11E16 - The Dragon is Always Greener The Mane 6 and Spike switch species for the day to see who's lives are easier, as a dragon or as a pony!
S11E17 - Magical Mayhem Twilight absorbs a power-accelerator gem and begins to be overwhelmed COMPLETELY with magic just like she had in Magic Kindergarten, however now she couldn't be stopped! Could Spike get into her close enough to stop her overwhelmed self, or will she blast everyone into random things?
S11E18 - Where in the World are the Equestria Games? Ms. Harshwhinny heads to Ponyville to see if they can qualify for the next Equestria Games, however when things don't go as planned Twilight starts doing desperate things to convince her they can happen in Ponyville!
S11E19 - Smalltown Unicorn Rarity, after seeing her business BOOM in both Canterlot and Manehattan, decides to go even further and open a spot in Applewood! However, she must face the problems of this fabulous city as she constantly is shunned by the other stars.
S11E20 - Prankster Pie It was Pranks Day, and Pinkie Pie decides to pull the most pranks in order to become the Pranking Princess! However after a prank goes wrong and affects her friend dearly, Pinkie Pie refuses to pull any more pranks and it's up to her friends to try to re-convince her to pull pranks despite a mistake she had made!
S11E21 - Stadium Suckers For the Equestria Games, Mayor Mare asks for the help of Applejack and Rarity to build the Equestria Games Stadium, however it was much more harder than they expected.
S11E22 - The Wonderful Princess of Phoenixia The delegates of Phoenixia invite the Mane 6 over for a beautiful banquet but their journey to there is harder than they had thought!
S11E23 - Discord, Agent Discord Discord joins the Equestrian Agent Group and tries to do some secret agent-like things however he hilariously fails each time. Can he do a task responsibly or is Discord not cut out to be a secret saviour of Equestria?
S11E24 - The Insane 6 The Mane 6 are given a very difficult challenge for each and every one, however as they struggle more and more each one of them begin going crazy!
S11E25 - The Ponyville Games, Part 1 The Equestria Games now have come to Ponyville! Many ponies from across Equestria and royals have arrived, as well as friends frm all over! Twilight is left in charge in helping them all out prepare for hte games to begin but struggles as she becomes more and more exhausted.
S11E26 - The Ponyville Games, Part 2 The first games begun, and Twilight is left in charge to make sure nothing goes wrong, but after a problem occurs in the first game her hopes of relaxing are blown away. Can Twilight prevent the games from going foul or is she going to fall of exhaustion AND ruin Ponyville's reputation?