WindigoWinter's S6 Hopes
Episode Plot
S06EP13 - Zeebrabwe, Ho! When Zecora is heading out to visit her family, Twilight and Spike join her to visit the majestic lands of Zeebrabwe.
S06EP14 - Seeding a New Relationship The CMC are brought with the Mane 6 to Manehatten to visit their old friend Babs Seed, however she is more different than they expected.
S06EP15 - The Good, The Bad and the Discord Fluttershy and Discord attempt to have a picnic but when trouble occurs, could they still have one?
S06EP16 - Granny's Secret Recipe After Granny Smith cooked the perfect pie, Applejack attempts to learn it but must find a way to spill it after she refuses to tell her.
S06EP17 - The Harmony Tree Twilight goes to the Tree of Harmony and after seeing some ponies nearly destroy it, she decides to protect it but things don't go right.
S06EP18 - Small Pony in Big Las Pegasus Pinkie Pie heads to Las Pegasus to assist Cheese Sandwich with a party.
S06EP19 - Good Neigh-bors Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer end up in a neighborly war after both of their hobbies disturb each other.
S06EP20 - Vanhoover, Here we come! Rainbow Dash and Applejack go on a roadtrip together to the city of Vanhoover, but must deal with each other more and more as time goes on.
S06EP21 - I (Flurry) Heart You Twilight is left in charge of taking care of little Flurry Heart after Cadence and Shining Armor must attend a summit.
S06EP22 - Luck of the Clover It's Rainbows and Clovers Day in Ponyville (St Patricks Day), and Fluttershy goes on an expedition for the lucky 10-Leafed clover for Discord's birthday!
S06EP23 - Twilight's Apprentice Starlight Glimmer and Twilight begin a long journey across Equestria to find the ingredients for a medicine for Spike.
S06EP24 - Birthday of Chaos

It's Discord's Birthday! The Mane 6, Spike and Starlight all celebrate Discord's birthday until things go a little too crazy.

S06EP25 - World War P, Part I Twilight must face her first real diplomatic crisis; The Crystal Empire is in a crisis after an army of changelings begin to surround and attack.
S06EP26 - World War P, Part II After the failed diplomatic crisis, Twilight must attempt to stop the Equestrian War; Chrysalis's army attacks the Crystal Empire, the Griffons attack Ponyville, the war between the unicorns and the pegasi in Canterlot.