• Wizeman

    In fact this problem has to do with "Daring Don't" and "Princess Twilight Sparkle" episodes.

    Of course its essentially my personal impression, but still the story I saw in "Read and Weep" looked too primitive and shallow. Even by Indiana Jones standards. It was more like "Loony Toons", while "real" stories in some episodes were in fact mush thought through, than most cartoons. So even if the idea to make Daring Do real was good, they shouldn't make all stories true as is. It would be much better if they change them, like make Arizotle less goofy.

    The same goes for Twilight's "flashbacks", which show exactly what was written in the book. I kinda hoped, that during them there would be some interesting details about that time. Or about relation…

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  • Wizeman

    Hi, everyone!

    I have been thinking for some time, on what topic I should make my first post in blog. And I haven't find any particularly good idea. So I decided just make a simple “survey”.

    As fourth season of the MLP:FiM is near, what do you expect (or hope) to see there? Just two or three main points.

    For example I expect

    • Quite a few episodes about Twilight studying about being a princess. And also learning to fly properly (with help of Rainbow Dash of course).
    • I also expect an episode, which would be a continuation/conclusion of Wonderbolt Academy story. Rainbow should graduate, right?
    • The thing, I hope for, is increase of QA. Maybe it's my subjective view, but in third season there were some episodes... well... not up to quality of the rest.…

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