In fact this problem has to do with "Daring Don't" and "Princess Twilight Sparkle" episodes.

Of course its essentially my personal impression, but still the story I saw in "Read and Weep" looked too primitive and shallow. Even by Indiana Jones standards. It was more like "Loony Toons", while "real" stories in some episodes were in fact mush thought through, than most cartoons. So even if the idea to make Daring Do real was good, they shouldn't make all stories true as is. It would be much better if they change them, like make Arizotle less goofy.

The same goes for Twilight's "flashbacks", which show exactly what was written in the book. I kinda hoped, that during them there would be some interesting details about that time. Or about relationship between Luna and Celestia. Maybe Luna was more gifted in magics and thats why she envied her elder sister. I also thought that Luna and Celestia "discovered" Elements of Harmony in the same fashion as Main 6. And each of them wielded three Elements.

P.S. Actually I wanted to call post Main flaw :D