Hi, everyone!

I have been thinking for some time, on what topic I should make my first post in blog. And I haven't find any particularly good idea. So I decided just make a simple “survey”.

As fourth season of the MLP:FiM is near, what do you expect (or hope) to see there? Just two or three main points.

For example I expect

  • Quite a few episodes about Twilight studying about being a princess. And also learning to fly properly (with help of Rainbow Dash of course).
  • I also expect an episode, which would be a continuation/conclusion of Wonderbolt Academy story. Rainbow should graduate, right?
  • The thing, I hope for, is increase of QA. Maybe it's my subjective view, but in third season there were some episodes... well... not up to quality of the rest. So I hope it was just a gap, because writers were distracted by making EG, not a sign that they began run out of good ideas.