I am aware that there are definitely much darker kids' shows out there, Invader Zim, Adventure Time and Regular Show to name but a few, and on the whole, I've noticed kids' shows in general are getting significantly darker, which I approve. Now, for MLP:FiM, I do not for one moment believe it is meant to be a 'dark' show, especially when you consider the target demographic, which despite the fanbase, is younger and more female than those intended by shows like Adventure Time. However, when you take into account the intended demographic, the comparison to the previous generations of MLP, the episodes we've seen so far and what this show in general is about - cute, colourful ponies - would you agree or disagree that this show has some dark elements to it?

I personally do believe it has some dark elements, as well as handling its episode situations with a lot more maturity than previous MLP generations. My biggest example for this is Canterlot Wedding, which certainly had a level of darkness to it out of all the episodes so far, i.e. Twilight sinking beneath the floor in a bright green flame, the villain(s) themselves and their plan in action.

Props to the writers, of course, for managing to give it some darkness and maturity but not making it overwhelmingly so and keep the show true to its upbeat and positive roots.

So what do you think? Do you think this kind of show is, or at points, has been 'dark' in any way?