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    Mane 6 Set:
    Twilight - King
    Starlight - Queen
    Pinkie Pie - Knight
    Discord - Knight
    Rarity - Bishop
    Fluttershy - Bishop
    Rainbow Dash - Rook
    Applejack - Rook
    Spike - Pawns

    Starlight Set:
    Starlight - King
    Trixie - Queen
    Maud - Knight
    Discord - Knight
    Thorax - Bishop
    Sunburst - Bishop
    Twilight - Rook
    Spike - Rook
    Kites - Pawns

    Applejack Set:
    Applejack - King
    Big Mac - Queen
    Mr. Orange - Knight
    Mrs. Orange - Knight
    Babs Seed - Bishop
    Goldie Delicious - Bishop
    Granny Smith - Rook
    Applebloom - Rook
    Apples - Pawns

    Too Many Pinkie Pies Set:
    Pinkie Pie - All Pieces

    Pets Set:
    Angel - King
    Owlicious - Queen
    Tank - Knight
    Gummy - Knight
    Philomena - Bishop
    Tiberius - Bishop
    Winona - Rook
    Opalesense - Rook
    Boulder - Pawns

    Villains Set:
    Chrysalis - King
    Tirek - Queen
    Garble - Knight
    Diamond Dog - Kn…

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    More episode ideas

    June 12, 2017 by WrittenWord

    Since a few others have started thinking of new story ideas for MLP with most of season 7 already revealed, I think I'll do the same. First, a link to my season 7 ideas since many could still be used for season 8:

    Now for other ideas:
    Princess Pants
    Twilight is invited to Princess con at the huge request of many of the organizers (and all the other princesses being conveniently too busy to attend). It doesn't take long before she finds out why all the others found excuses not to come as she deals with things like "The Princess Experience" simulation being a rose-colored glasses look at what being a princess is. Things take an even worse turn when a fan war is going …

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    Season 7 Ideas

    February 14, 2017 by WrittenWord

    7.01 - A Saddlarabian Tale Part 1

    The Prince of Saddlarabia arrives in Ponyville and comes to ask Twilight for her hoof in marriage, or at least pretend to. He then explaims how his parents, the king and queen are under a spell cast by the royal visier who aims to take over Saddlarabia by marrying him. If the prince does not marry by his next birthday he will have no choice, but to marry her as in their customs. Every other pony the prince has attempted to marry was turned down by his parents who did not approve because of the spell. His only hope is to marry a princess who his parents would not be able to refuse under any circumstances. The two head off to Saddlarabia to fake get married and try to break the spell, but the rest of the Mane…

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