7.01 - A Saddlarabian Tale Part 1

The Prince of Saddlarabia arrives in Ponyville and comes to ask Twilight for her hoof in marriage, or at least pretend to. He then explaims how his parents, the king and queen are under a spell cast by the royal visier who aims to take over Saddlarabia by marrying him. If the prince does not marry by his next birthday he will have no choice, but to marry her as in their customs. Every other pony the prince has attempted to marry was turned down by his parents who did not approve because of the spell. His only hope is to marry a princess who his parents would not be able to refuse under any circumstances. The two head off to Saddlarabia to fake get married and try to break the spell, but the rest of the Mane 6, Starlight, and Spike go too to help. While Twilight is with the Prince, everyone else is in two groups, one to keep an eye on the palace and another to watch the visier. The castle group discover a hidden passage with someone who looks like the Prince trapped in a cell. The other group is discovered by the visier who reveals to them the real Prince was replaced with an imposter who plans on using the marriage ceremony to obtain a mystical lamp that is passed to the prince or princess upon their wedding day. The lamp contains a djinn that can grant any wish and they can only imagine what he will wosh for. The castlw group learns the same feom the real Prince and hurry to stop the wedding. They arrive to stop the I Dos, but the imposter still takes the lamp and tries to flee with it, but the Mane 6 cut off all escape and corner him. Without thinking,the imposter wishes "for everypony here to go away." Causing the djinn to emerge and make everyone there vanish into the lamp, except for Spike.

7.02 - An Saddlarabian Tale Part 2

Alone, Spike desperately tries to get his friends out of the lamp, but inside it looks empty and the djinn says he cannot grant a wish to undo another, but he would be happy to gramt him any other wishes he might have. Meanwhile, in the lamp the ponies learn the truth behind the lamp. That it is theprison of an evil djinn who feeds on greedy wishes to grow stronger and has manipulated ponies for centuries till he was sealed away. But now it seems he might finally gain his freedom now that fate seems to have brought him just what he needs, a greedy dragon's wish. Will Teilight and the others find a way to escape the lamp in time to keep Spike from wishing free the djinn?

7.03 - Pinkie Pie Day

It is what Pinkie Pie considers the dullest week of the year.  It is the one week where there are no holidays, celebrations, festivals, or even birthdays to celebrate.  Refusing to go through a week without anything to celebrate, Pinkie Pie resolves to create a brand new holiday for all the ponies to celebrate.  However, Pinkie soon realizes that celebrating a holiday and creating one are two entirely different things.

7.04 - Friendship is Magic... Without the Magic

As a new friendship lesson, Twilight wants Starlight to go an entire day without magic.  Starlight is hesitant about doing it, not able to recall the last time she went so long without using magic for something or even what that has to do with friendship.  Trixie attempts to get Twilight to cancel the lesson, but pointing out that Twilight has never gone a day without magic herself and doubts that she could resulting in the three making a bet to see who can go without magic the longest.  Who will win the bet and how much trouble can they get into when they aren't using magic?

7.05 - Ponyapolis

Real Estate Investors come to Ponyville with big plans to help take it to the next step by helping it grow from a town into a city due to the wide successes like Barnyard Bargains and Carousel Boutique, but even more so due to the reputation boost it has from having an Alicorn Princess resident.  Most everypony is excited for the changes they have planned in the model they brought, everyone except the Apples who don't see any space for their farm on the model and fear that turning Ponyville into a city will leave them without a home.  Will the Applejack find a way to remind everypony what Sweet Apple Acres means to Ponyville or will it be out with the Apples and in with the city?

7.06 - Ranbow

Rainbow Dash is assigned to take some new trainees to deliver a package to a town on the far side of Equestria.  It all seems simple enough at the start, but they quickly run into trouble as some dragons show up attempting to steal the box from them.  Rainbow Dash tries everything she can think of to help her team get away only for every move she makes to backfire on them and one by one the Pegasi under her get taken captive and held for ransom for the box.  On her own, will Rainbow Dash be able to mount a rescue even with everything she attempts backfiring or is there more to what's going on than just a simply delivery assignment gone wrong?

7.07 - Castle Alone

While the Mane 6 are going on an overnight trip, Spike stays behind to watch the pets in the castle.  Everything is fine until the Diamond Dogs show up at the front door with plans to raid the castle's treasure vault for all the gems inside.  Spike attempts to get them to leave saying there are no gems inside only makes them all the more determined.  Working together with the pets, Spike booby-traps the castle Home Alone style to send the dogs running only for them to return with the entire pack.  Will Spike and the pets be able to handle an invasion of this size until backup can arrive?

7.08 - Not Your Style

A new fashion craze is going around Equestria, one that Rarity dislikes and can't seem to get right as a result.  Despite being told that Rarity doesn't always have to follow every trend, she refuses to give up fearing what failure could do to her reputation.  But when Sapphire Shores comes to her to design a new dress for her in that style for an upcoming show, will Rarity be able to make it or fake it?

7.09 - Happy Discord to You

It's Discords (very big number)th birthday next week and he's inviting his closest and dearest friends (the Mane 6) to his place for a party.  He puts extra emphasis on presents, wondering what they will get him pointing out that with his magic he could simply create whatever he wants out of thin air, but that as his friends they should be able to give him gifts that even he magic couldn't make.  Seeing this as another one of his friendship tests, the Mane 6 are determined to figure out what to give him, even if it means spending all week with him just to figure out what he would like.

7.10 - The Only Thing to Fear

Fluttershy meets a daredevil pony that claims to not be afraid of anything and has come to Ponyville for show.  While he is getting ready for the show, Fluttershy discovers that he actually does have a fear, a fear of animals no matter how small and adorable they look.  With the show only a few hours away, he begs Fluttershy to help him overcome his fear.  Can Fluttershy help him with his phobia when she herself doesn't understand what there is to be afraid of?

7.11 - Dragon Pony Play Date

Ember and Twilight have been sending letters to one another in their efforts to better understand one another's culture and improve relations. They finally decide to attempt to try and organize "Dragon Pony Play Date" between a group of willing dragons and ponies that will end with a dinner party. Both groups work to match dragons and ponies with similar interests to help things along, but just after pairing the last group, Garble shows up claiming to want to join in. Spike easily sees through him knowing he wants to just make a mess of things. Ember agrees, but figures they might be able to change his mind a little if he actually participates and orders him to obey any instructions the pony he is pair with says to keep him in check. Garble reluctantly obeys that order, but wants to choose the pony and picks the smallest one he can find, Feather Weight figuring him a lightweight he can walk all over. Can dragons and ponies become friends of will Garble succeed in making a mess of the whole event?

7.12 - Trail of the Cutie

The Cutie Mark Crusaders encounter their latest Cutie Mark problem.  A filly earned a rather unusual-looking Cutie Mark and can't seem to figure out what it means.  Looking at it, neither can they and ask what she was doing when she gained earned it.  She admits that she didn't notice when she got her Cutie Mark, but knows she didn't have it before she left her home and discovered she had it just a short while earlier.  So, in order to figure out what her Cutie Mark is for, the  Crusaders help her retrace her steps in order to find clues to the meaning of her Cutie Mark.

7.13 - Who Done Doed It?

It's the Grand Galloping Gala and while everyone is enjoying themselves the lights suddenly go out and moments later go back on. Looking around, everything appears fine until they discover that Princess Celestia is missing. The Mane 6 along with Spike and Starlight quickly calm everyone down and explain that they will get to the bottom of this mystery and until they do nobody can leave so they should stay and enjoy the rest of the gala.

The ponies then split into 4 teams of two to search for clues. We get: Twilight & Pinkie Pie = Holmes and Watson Rarity & Fluttershy = Shadow Spade and her assistant Rainbow Dash & Applejack = CSI Spike & Starlight = Shinichi and Ran (Case Closed)

They each then work to figure out who is behind Celestia's disappeance. Is it: A. Discord - A reformed Draconiquis who has a thing for chaos and Celestia. B. Trixie - A boastful stage magician aiming for even greater glory by being able to make Celestia disappear at the Grand Galloping Gala and get eternal fame? C. Chrysalis - The former queen of the Changelings already preparing for her revenge and has already gotten Celestia. And the worst part is... she could be anypony. D. Prince Blueblood - The nephew of Celestia, an absolute snob whose claim to the throne of Canterlot is blocked by the two Alicorn Sisters. Could this be his possible attempt at a coup de tet? E. Trollestia

7.14 - Long Distance Friendship

The Map summons the ponies on another friendship mission, but surprising them all this time they are all sent to different corners of Equestria. They are not sure if these are one friendship problem or many as Rainbow Dash comments "how can there be a friendship problem if two ponies aren't even together to have one?" So the Mane 6 all split up to search and each encounters a foal or colt that gets their attention as possibly being the pony they are looking for. One continually makes excuses. One is narcissistic and thinks he's the greatest thing since hay fries. One is an emo pony. One tries acting like a tough bully. One is constantly keeping busy jumping from one idea to another trying to keep busy. And one is so nervous he panicks if anyone so much as walks up and talks to them. The Mane 6 only find out one thing about them, that they all moved away from the same town at the same time and figure out that this is why the map sent them to different places. The Mane 6 learn that they were all friends where they used to all live and now that they are so far from one another they are worried about losing touch with one another. That they might forget about their friends or that their friends might moving on. Will the Mane 6 be able to fix this communication problem when they themselves are so far away that they are unable to work together to come up with a solution or will they have to encourage them to make new friends and keep the old?

7.15 - Seeing Eye Pony

After an accident, Rainbow Dash is temporarily without her sight. Scootaloo volunteers to help Rainbow Dash by reading her Daring Doo books and helping guide her around till she recovers. Though reluctant to accept help, Rainbow Dash has no choice but to accept it. As the days go bye and Rainbow fears her vision isn't getting better she starts getting worried and irritable even lashing out in anger at Scootaloo how she won't be able to fly anymore if she can't see. Upset, Scootaloo runs off. Rainbow Dash goes after her, stumbling around in the middle of a storm. They manage to make up make us as the storm subsides and then Rainbow Dash decides to try flying with Scootaloo as her eyes.

7.16 - Ponydemic

Twilight is sick in bed and after Spike helps get her comfortable, tells him he should take the day off and has some fun so at least one of them can. Outside Spike finds that it's a perfect day and decides to figure out what to do only for every pony he goes to see is sick too and every place in town is closed and Spike discovers the shocking truth that everyone in town is quarentined in bed save for him. How will Spike find a way to enjoy an entire day all alone?

7.17 - In Ponies We Trust

After the events of To Where and Back Again, Starlight is concerned about what Chrysalis plans to do in order to exact her revenge. Twilight and Spike try to calm her and remind her that it just means that she will have another chance to try and offer her hoof in friendship. Still, Starlight can't help worry and knows that Chrysalis could be anywhere plotting. She could even be disguised as anypony and just waiting for an opportunity at revenge. The more she worries about it, the more paranoid she becomes. Feeling that anypony close to her could be Chrysalis, Starlight attempts to go on the offensive and expose who investing all of Ponyville one ponyat a time.

7.18 - Judge, Jury, and Caretaker

As the development for Ponyapolis is moving along, Fluttershy is put in charge of the park/animal sanctuary. It is her job to help design an environment all the animals will be able to live in happily. She is overjoyed by the task, at least at first, but as more and more animals show up the task becomes that much harder as the animals all start to quarrel over territory. As the pony in charge, Fluttershy has the final say, a choice that is difficult enough on its own, but gets even harder the more the animals attempt to butter her up to pick them.

7.19 - Million Dollar Pies

While working in the caves under their rock farn, the Pies discover the biggest gem deposit of the century. As simple as they are they do not want the trivialities of wealth, but get just that as soon as word gets out and are soon up to Holder's Boulder in investors, long lost family members, and random ponies claiming they need money for major surgery. Unable to get rid of the all the gems fast enough, the Pies call for Pinkie and her friends to help out. With access to a seemingly endless supply of gems, the Mane 6 are able to go on the spending spree of a lifetime, but soon grow sick of comstsntly spendingband still unable to see them even getting close to running out. Is there no way to dig themselves out of this reverse money pit or can a secret hidden within Holder's Boulder be the solution?

7.20 - A Dress in Success

Due to the success of her three boutiques, Rarity is given an in-depth interview to find out just how she's managed to make it big and how a pony growing up in the humble little town was able to be so successful not just in her hometown, but also Canterlot and Manehatten. She then begins to talk about different experiences she had throughout her life and the different ponies that helped influence her and encouraged her when she was trying to open her first boutique and was still new to what kind of work is needed to not just be a designer, but be a business pony as well.

7.21 - A Tale of Apples Passed

It is the aniversary for when Applejack, Big Mac, and Apple Bloom's parents have passed away and as they have done every year in the past, they spend they day together to remember them. However, this time Apple Bloom has made plans with Scootaloo and Sweetie Bell and wants to do that admitting that every year they do this she doesn't really have any memories of her parents because she was too young to remember. Applejack is disappointed hearing her say that, but understands it can be hard for her to understand and let her go. On the way to her friends, Apple Bloom starts feeling bad that she can't miss her parents like everyone else and wishes she could have memories of them of her own and not just what the others have told her. As she is saying this, Spike overhears and gets an idea. The two go to Twilight's Castle and talk to Starlight to see if there is any way that they can travel back in time and see Apple Bloom's parents, if just for a little while. Starlight is hesitant to mess with time again, but figures that so long as they are careful and don't do anything that could disrupt time, she will try and get a new time travel spell made. The three of them travel back in time and meet Apple Bloom's parents a short while after Apple Bloom was born. The two of them are bringing a shipment of apples to the settler ponies who are working to build what will one day be Apploosa. Apple Bloom and the others convince them to come along and Apple Bloom finally gets a chance to meet her parents even if they don't realize who she is. Along the way they see such things as Ponyville in the old days, the railroad still under construction, the buffalo tribe, and even young Braeburn. Shortly after the trip ends the time for the spell Starlight cast on the three of them ends and they end up back in the castle. Starlight is relieved that nothing appears to have changed. Apple Bloom is upset that the trip is over, but happy that she has finally been able to meet her parents and heads home to tell the others about her own memory of her parents (even if they'll ground her for traveling through time without permission.)

7.22 - Sunrise, Sunset

We are finally given a Celestia episode. This featuring a look at a day in her life from when she first awakens and raises the sun to at night when she lowers it, but the true intrigue lies in all that happens in between. From maintaining or in Canterlot by instructing the royal guards and conversing with some of her more covert defenders of Equestria, Celestia does more than stand on the sidelines while the Mane 6 are out saving the day. There are many dangers she fights against and defeats without the populace even aware ofthe dqnger in the fist place. But dangers are not always a daily thing. Sometimee she must endure some trolling from her favorite spirit of chaos or settle disputes with neighboring countries. Still, with all she must endure, she always makes time to ensure she can enjoy eating some of her favorite sweets when nopony is looking.

7.23 - Cutie Chronicallers

The CMC are writing letters to the colts and foals in Manehatten to give them advice and encouragement on getting their Cutie Marks. They then remember that despite their efforts to help all those who want to get their Cutie Mark or help those struggling with what they've been giving that they can't simply travel all over Equestria to give them all individual care. They then come up with an idea to write down as many stories about how ponies got their Cutie Marks and stories of ponies they helped. By publishing this book and sending it all over Equestria, they hope it can help encourage and inspire others to not give up on their cutie marks and so they start going all over Ponyville in search of all the Cutie Mark stories they can.

7.24 - Home

Another Zebra comes to Ponyville, a relative of Zecora's to visit. Twilight and the others learn she is an enthusiastic hunter and trapper (to Spike's chagrin) and that she has come to visit Zecora who left from home many moons ago and came to Ponyville. As they reminisce, she wonders if Zecora will return home with her to see the rest of her tribe that misses her. Zecora, torn between her old home and her new one tries to decide what to do. Meanwhile, the ponies of Ponyville try to do something to help Zecora feel more at home no matter what decision she makes.

7.25 - Page Turner Part 1

While perusing the Canterlot Library one day, Moon Dancer finds a mysterious book hidden in deep in the back. Looking inside she sees no words or pictures, but she can hear a voice calling to her to "take a closer look." Using Hayscate's spell to enter into the book, she finds a pony trapped inside begging ger to free him even promising her great knowledge in return. Though unsure what great knowledge he has, Moon Dancer sees what a miserable state he's in and frees him only to be betrayed and trapped in his place. He relishes the new freedom he's gained stating what an eternal nightmare it has been to live in a world void of any knowledge and is elated to finally continue where he left off he then starts to drain away all the information from the books in the Canterlot Library.

Twilight, Starlight, and Spike are on their way home agter a day of hanging with their friends. Twilight is eager to get back to reading her latest book and Spike is eager to find out how his latest issue og Power Ponies ends. But when they get inside they find the pony, Page Turner, there just as he's finished his work. Twilight asks what he is doing, but he simply declares, "his destiny" before attacking. Twilight fights back, but this new pegasus proves powerful knowing magic even she believed was only ever theorized. Starlight joins in to help, but even that just barely makes them even. He ends up losing the book he was imprisoned in and now houses Moon Dancer in the battle. Seeing he has no reason to fight when he already has what he came for, he teleports away. Twilight wonders what he meant then sees all her books are all blank, every last one. Spike also finds that even his comic books have been emptied. The two vow to "make him pay, whoever he is" and Starlight tells them his name is Page Turner. Wondering how she knows that, she shows them Moon Dancer trapped in the book.

The Mane 6 and Starlight and Spike are with Celestia to figure iut what's going on and learn that Page Turner was one of Hayscarte's most promising students. However, his desire to learn and know everything became a maddening obsession when he knew that could never be true with new knowledge being created all the time. So Page Turner devised a horrible plan to prevent new knowledge from ever being created, by stopping time. Fortunately, Hayscates managed to stop him before he could gather all the knowledge in Equestria by trapping him within a blank book that was infused with a spell so that the last pony to enter would be unable to leave.

Twilight and her friends head out to the Crystal Empire hoping to beat Page Turner there before he robs that library of all the knowledge there too and manage to arrive just while he is doing this. The ponies fight trying to stop him, but he's grown even more powerful with all the knowledge on magic he's gained since the last time. Even so, they manage to start wearing him down. As they move in to trap him back in his book and free Moon Dancer, he uses his magic to transport them into the book instead. He then resumes to gather all the knowledge still remaining in Equestria.

7.26 Page Turner Part 2

Some time has passed, but Twilight and the others have managed to escape the book only to find that time in Equestria has been brought to a standstill. They figure that that only reason they were spared was due to Page Turner's trap and they begin their search for him trying to gather clues by seeing what everypony was doing when they got frozen and discover Cadence who was on her way to Canterlot. There they encounter Page Turner on Celestia's throne, the two sisters frozen in what appears to be a desperate attemp to have tried to stop him. Page Turner is intrigued that they managed to escape his book, but shows little interest in them since he has accomplished his destiny of learning all there is to know in Equestria. The Mane 6 attempt to use the power they have from the Tree of Harmony to stop him, but fails as the tree is also frozen in time and unable to gelp them. With no way to overpower him, Twilight sees their only way is to outsmart him and so they try to figure out something he doesn't know to prove he isn't as all knowing as he believes. This proves futile as Page Turner knows everything they quiz him on and only help confirm he truely does know it all. "Except the means to escape the book" Twilight points out. He is admittedly stumped and a bit of prodding at his ego makes him demand to know the secret. Twilight agrees to tell, but the best way to do that is to go into the book and show him. He agrees on the condition that they enter in after him and to add some extra insurrance that they try anything funny he takes Spike in with him as a hostage.

Inside the book they saw Moon Dancer still inside. Page Turner asks again how they were able to escape an escape-proof spell and she explains that while it did take them a while they eventually realized it had 2 loopholes in it. The first is that it was a spell meant to trap the last pony to enter. If more than 1 pony entered at a time they would not be affected. The second was that it was a spell only meant for ponies meaning non-pony creatures wouldn't count either. Hearing this, Page Turner realizes his blunder and gets trapped again while Moon Dancer is freed and time is allowed to move once more.

Extra Episode Ideas:

1. Spikeless in Equestria

It's Spike's birthday again and while he is eager to celebrate he finds that nopony remembers it, not even Twilight who instead tasks him with going through and rerereorganizing her notes in the Castle of Friendship's Library. Bummed out that he's spending his day doing this tedious work on his birthday and feeling like nobody cares, he wonders if he is seen as anything more than an assustant/sidekick and thinks Equestria wouldn't be any better or worse off without him.

Thinking this, he falls asleep and meets Luna in the dream world who decides to use his dream to show him just how bad Equestria would be without him. Together they see all of Equestria is shroyded in darkness as every villain the Mane 6 had managed to defeat is on the loose and causing trouble. Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie are helpless to stop them because they do not possess the elements of harmony. Twilight is also missing and they also discover that Twilight has joined with the villains. Spike learns that without him, Twilight's first friend to help keep her from straying to a dark path, Equestria is destined for destruction.

Waking up from that nightmare, Twilight hears Twilight calling for him. He hurries over to see that she and everyone else prepared a surprise party for him and they apologize for acting like they didn't remember and upsetting him like he didn't matter. Spike replies telling them, "Its fine. It's not like all of Equestria would be doomed without me."