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  • XTalvy

    I think I'm in a depression

    January 6, 2014 by XTalvy

    Hi guys I think I have a you may ask what happened well one week ago I was by my friends:Lilly,Sally,roxane and Margo..and we need to make one dance so Margo begins become crazy and start dancing (yup she does 6hour Ina week dance and she still can't dance) and Sally tried to learn it and Margo helps her...and I need to do everything alone Lilly and roxane where make an other part of the dance,and roxane sees how bad I was dancing (DUUUH what do you want If you don't get help) and she said:"Mary just dance normal you're not silly if you dance so stupid like an idiot" I was crying in myself when we learning the part roxane and Lilly have made I also get no help. I was walking in the house when we had a pause and the mom of …

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  • XTalvy

    Little votings

    January 4, 2014 by XTalvy
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  • XTalvy

    2013 review

    December 31, 2013 by XTalvy

    Hey yo whats up everybody, this is the end of 2013 and I gonna "review" everything what's happened this year...yay. First this was a really bad year in Belgium...and the world so let's start with Nelson Mandela, I don't gonna say who it is because EVRYPBODY nows who it is...if you don't shame you man shame you... Give respect for him guys but why In this year...because the chance that the last Flemish song he should have hear is our Belgian theme song...and I don't gonna tell why it is so just should now that. And it was REALLY bad weather this year first to manny snow then too manny sun and now only rain (ew rain) and we can't play in rain...(memo to myself only I don't do that...) and from every Belgian there ware just 11 or 12…

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  • XTalvy

    Ask Talvy

    December 19, 2013 by XTalvy

    Yo what's up everypony,

    I have saw SOOOOO... Manny ask blogs and I decided to make one too!!! Yay anyway you are now read this and 9/10 chances that you now look farther and forget me :(

    ^Do you like this image I made^

    Ask me something =^-^=

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  • XTalvy

    I search an CM for my oc

    December 4, 2013 by XTalvy

    Howdy ya,

    Need a little help for a cutie mark,if you like to help me here are some things about my oc:



    Based of: my (means she is NOT an Mary Sue)


    Favourite color: turquoise,cyan


    Can you help me please, if you like to help me paint,tell me...or whatever that should be awesome if you should do that


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