Hi guys I think I have a you may ask what happened well one week ago I was by my friends:Lilly,Sally,roxane and Margo..and we need to make one dance so Margo begins become crazy and start dancing (yup she does 6hour Ina week dance and she still can't dance) and Sally tried to learn it and Margo helps her...and I need to do everything alone Lilly and roxane where make an other part of the dance,and roxane sees how bad I was dancing (DUUUH what do you want If you don't get help) and she said:"Mary just dance normal you're not silly if you dance so stupid like an idiot" I was crying in myself when we learning the part roxane and Lilly have made I also get no help. I was walking in the house when we had a pause and the mom of Lilly said:"what wrong Mary" I said nothing and Miriam (mom of Lilly) said "but I can see it" and I began to tell everything and she asks do you want to go to you house or extra help...I choose for go at home.Well it was week later (today) they does like I was air and they say bad things about me when I was standing by them and I was walking around to see what the others did,willy,samy and staf where bullying and talking about gta and gore things, le payis rolling over the ground and doing dumb things, the boys...okay they where playing hide and seek...the moment that you do an facehoof...and the others................

Idk what to do and now you think is that everything...nope:~things that happened last year~

-my elders divorced

- I have the baddest school-points ever

-I have problems with my family

-I hate my stepbrother

- my dad is lying SO MUCH

-my sister haves read problems and is bullied by the sister of someone in my class

-I have broke my tailbone or whatever it is in English

Can someone help my please, I'm totally not happy with my life now...I have no friends,a lying dad...............actually you guys are my only friends