• Xannot

    I have rated all of the episodes (well, not all — some are still unreleased) and I have used 1-10 grades for that:

    1 — disaster
    2 — awful
    3 — bad
    4 — poor
    5 — mediocre
    6 — fair
    7 — good
    8 — great
    9 — excellent
    10 — masterpiece
    11★ — grandmaster (better than the highest)

    Note: These are just my subjective opinions. You do not have to agree with them.

    # Name Rating
    1×01 Friendship is Magic, part 1 7
    1×02 Friendship is Magic, part 2 7
    1×03 The Ticket Master 7
    1×04 Applebuck Season 8
    1×05 Griffon the Brush Off 6
    1×06 Boast Busters 6
    1×07 Dragonshy 8
    1×08 Look Before You Sleep 9
    1×09 Bridle Gossip 6
    1×10 Swarm of the Century 7
    1×11 Winter Wrap Up 9
    1×12 Call of the Cutie 7
    1×13 Fall Weather Friends 7
    1×14 Suited For Success 8
    1×15 Feeling P…

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  • Xannot

    "Retcons" page idea

    August 9, 2012 by Xannot

    I'm thinking about writing an article named "Retcons". Retcon is a subsequent alteration of previously established facts in the world of fiction. They may be very minor to the storyline, but some can have a stronger effect on it.

    Some retcons that I thought of:

    1. Mayor Mare's mane color (semi-large retcon) - it's improbable that they were thinking of Mayor's hair as dyed all the time from the beginning of the show.
    2. Shining Armor (major retcon) - Twilight wasn't meant to have a brother, he never appeared or was mentioned before the wedding episodes.
    3. Derpy (major retcon) - she was just a crowd-filler pony with no personality and normal eyes, but joined the cast because of fandom.
    4. Apple Strudel's appearance (very minor recton) - he was mentioned in…
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  • Xannot

    Season 2 characters quiz

    July 31, 2012 by Xannot

    Link Check out my freshly-made season 2 quiz! Tell me what to improve (extra altrnatives of some names for example) and how you like it. If you want to challenge yourself, play without cheating, don't look at the wiki, and post your first attempt score here.
    Ignore the "Popular trivia games today" text overlapping the image, it's Sporcle's fault.

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  • Xannot

    Ballad of the Crystal Ponies

    The Failure Song

    Well, you all know about this already! Hmmm.... crystal ponies? New species? And new town? Interesting! Tell me what you think!

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  • Xannot

    1080p vs 720p (iTunes)

    March 13, 2012 by Xannot

    As we know, iTunes launched 1080p support. I don't want to buy them on their own, but I have some questions:
    1. Some of the early 720p episodes featured color saturation, which was not present in Hub 1080p versions. Are these color saturations and other color glitches corrected in iTunes 1080p?
    2. Is the S01E19 bug (Fluttershy and RD not present in the hole where they fall, which was not the case on the Hub) fixed in 1080p iTunes version?
    3. Is the quality difference between 720p and 1080p considerable? Some people say that 1080p is overkill in this show's case, as there's no difference on fullscreen.

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