I'm thinking about writing an article named "Retcons". Retcon is a subsequent alteration of previously established facts in the world of fiction. They may be very minor to the storyline, but some can have a stronger effect on it.

Some retcons that I thought of:

  1. Mayor Mare's mane color (semi-large retcon) - it's improbable that they were thinking of Mayor's hair as dyed all the time from the beginning of the show.
  2. Shining Armor (major retcon) - Twilight wasn't meant to have a brother, he never appeared or was mentioned before the wedding episodes.
  3. Derpy (major retcon) - she was just a crowd-filler pony with no personality and normal eyes, but joined the cast because of fandom.
  4. Apple Strudel's appearance (very minor recton) - he was mentioned in S01E01, but it's unlikely they had its appearance modeled at that time like they showed it in S02E12.
  5. Founding of Ponyville - (major retcon) - Twilight stated in Winter Wrap Up that Ponyville was founded hundreds of years ago by Earth ponies, but the crew obviously retconned this fact by showing that Granny Smith actually was the one who was responsible for its founding, and she's obviously not a few hundreds years old.
  6. Princess Cadance as Twilight Sparkle's foal-sitter (major retcon) - it's unlikely that they thought of Twilight as having a foalsitter before, nor the existence of Cadance herself (but I'm not sure on this one though, because Faust herself was surprised with Cadance as alicorn, as she was meant to be unicorn by her, so her existence may have been established far ago).
  7. Princess Luna's speaking (medium retcon) - she spoke normally in S01E02, but in Luna Eclipsed she proved to be stuck with her thinking in 1000-years-older community, as she was speaking archaic in said episode.

Retcons' level of importance is my pure estimation.

The problem with this page is that it would be mostly speculated, as we can't know for sure what and when was established in Hasbro's stable (the Winter Wrap Up and Shining Armor are the most solid retcons in my opinion) , but I'm making this blog post to see what major members and admins of this wiki have to say about this idea.