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    It's been a while since I've published a blog here, but some important matters deserve to be posted in a wiki blog rather than in fimfiction.

    Remember when I asked for a ban in February because of college duties? Well, I've been planning to do the same since August to December. However, the chat's decadence, the banality of most users, the flaws of the high profile users and the time wasted for nothing made me reconsider the date.

    That's right, I'll forward the date. It won't be from August, but from July 8th. I will only miss a few, maybe only one or two will notice my abscense; That's something that is not up to me. I may return in December if the chat is not screwed up until then.

    Unlike other users, I will not cut contact. I'll still use …

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    Seeing the low traffic on the MLP wiki, I see the only option left for getting proofreaders is by this blog. Here it is:

    The tags I added when sent a request to sethisto: dairy, human, zombies, slight gore, sad

    Every comment and feedback is welcome here (except trolling), please leave your opinions on the comments

    Guess what? I finished my second fanfic today. It's called "Letters". It's Twilight's point of view during the events of "memories":

    You can either proofread it or enjoy it. Any feedback is welcome here.

    Btw I need a favor from you bronies. Is there so…

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