Seeing the low traffic on the MLP wiki, I see the only option left for getting proofreaders is by this blog. Here it is:

The tags I added when sent a request to sethisto: dairy, human, zombies, slight gore, sad

Every comment and feedback is welcome here (except trolling), please leave your opinions on the comments

Guess what? I finished my second fanfic today. It's called "Letters". It's Twilight's point of view during the events of "memories":

You can either proofread it or enjoy it. Any feedback is welcome here.

Btw I need a favor from you bronies. Is there somepony here ho could draw an image for a presentation of my fanfics? It seems that equestria Daily has high standards on their fanfic submissions

After months of have no progress on my fanfics, I finally finished my third fanfic. It's called Moon and it takes place before the events of Letters and Memories:

As I always say, any feedback is welcome here. Enjoy the fanfic bronies

Edit (May 05, 2012): I thought I said I wanted a mod to erase all my blogs. Anyway, It's been a while since I updated this one and I think I'll give it a last chance.

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