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    Ponyville NEWS

    February 28, 2015 by XxAppleDashiexX

    Hello Guys what gogin on? its mee APPLE DASHIE and that blog will show you THE NEWS soo l'est get started!: 

    Equestria Daily - Everfree Northwest Announcement - Con Book Art Contest

    Looking to get your art out there in front of thousands of people? You might just get that chance with the Everfree Northwest Con Book Cover Contest! With the months dwindling down till the convention, the staff are calling out to the community at large to help design their con book cover.

    Curious? Check on after the break for all the details you need to enter!

    The Everfree Northwest convention book is in need of a cover, and who better than the amazingly talented artists of the MLP fan community to create it? That’s why we are opening up the opportunity to create …

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