aka Adam Sandler's Evil Clone

  • I live in An Oscillated Aspect On the Plateau Of Validity, An Untidy Grotto On the Borders of Civilized Civilization
  • I was born on June 26
  • My occupation is Director and founder of the Humorist Party International Movement. An uppity half-British guy.
  • I am A droll and detested sage and foreign activist fighting against rabbit and weasel discrimination.
  • XxEtherealComedianxX

             In the midst of daft berks and blooming juveniles, I have a nary dearth of blasphemous muttonheads and thy enslavement to thine hued steeds who are hypocritical preachers of mortal cravings despite merely probying the hesitant to embrace their fellow feres. I assume that your obscure perception shall behold thine misdeeds and that you can make amends to your erroneous attitude. Hither, ever since I syllaned my waxed and splendiferous beard for a burden of blunt peres, I have henceforth, been regarded inhospitably by these disciples of cordial broncos due to my insuperably jocular charisma. I would like to personally press charges against particular individuals:

    1: Thundermare has frequently sabotaged my appetizing banquets. They ha…

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