In the midst of daft berks and blooming juveniles, I have a nary dearth of blasphemous muttonheads and thy enslavement to thine hued steeds who are hypocritical preachers of mortal cravings despite merely probying the hesitant to embrace their fellow feres. I assume that your obscure perception shall behold thine misdeeds and that you can make amends to your erroneous attitude. Hither, ever since I syllaned my waxed and splendiferous beard for a burden of blunt peres, I have henceforth, been regarded inhospitably by these disciples of cordial broncos due to my insuperably jocular charisma. I would like to personally press charges against particular individuals:

1: Thundermare has frequently sabotaged my appetizing banquets. They have craftily abducted my scrumptious cuisine and dined on it parsimously. I compel you, my bretheren, to condemn this mozarella-munching maniac.

2: Вutton Mash is just nuts! Like seriously nuts! So nuts you become nuts! Then you either get buried alive or you are consumed, imprisoned in the abdomen of this savage rodent. Please liberate yourselves from this literal nutcracker before he assigns you to be disiplined by the deity known as Jorge.

3: Thuggle is a dastardly personage who executes delinquent excericises. I mean, the term 'thug' is in his moniker, he's ought to be up to something criminal. I highly encourage you to apprehend this desperado.

4: Callofduty4 acts quite fishy. I don't know why, but he constantly appears to be malicously smiling behind his glass tank. Everytime I observe those silvery dentures curved into a devious demeanor, it makes my blood run cold.

5: Amgnismo is a black market dealer of various car models. He has been affilated with both the Mare-fia and the Illumin-oaty in the trafficking of firearms and dank memes. We must put an end to this indignity!

6: Novabomb1 is also a trafficker of dank memes and posting propagandic icons of prismatic equines. He once dispatched leigons of Kim Jong-uns mounted on duplicates of the ponies'  celestial empress in order to force the United States of Equestria (USE) to its knees. This tyrannical absoultist must be stopped!

7: FlutterBot is an evil overlord. Call this theory far-fetched and ignorant, but I discern it as legitimate. It has not only been a jerk to Noteworthy but also been subject to ignoring my private messages. Its not like its an automation that's assumed to serve as a utility, right? :3 

8: Madnessfan34537 is mad. 'Nuff said... 

9: XxEtherealComedianxX can be quite the barrel of laughs, but nonetheless this jocose unconformist is as depraved as the rest. His cringe-worthy quips are simply diverting you toward the agonizing truth. If you earnest freethinkers would actually think, this looney wouldn't be sauntering around like an imbecile. His puns are diabolical and his jubilant yet satirical outlook on life is mundane.

Thank you for attending this conference. Honestly it means the world to me. I have endeavored greatly these past few year. My friend Timmy T. Sparklefish died of cuteness overload after observing a cat vine and my parents recently divorced after we realized my dad was actually a lamp (I knew my mother should've cleaned her spectacles before the wedding). The divorce really impacted me because despite being inanimate had en-light-ened me and often was there to brighten up my dull days. He was a good, no a great, father ;-; I have produced some friends on this online dictionary and its irrational and senseless chatroom, but nonetheless have made a manifold of adversaries. These adversaries have ridiculed me, hijacked my dortios, posted dank memes and declined me as the omniarchy of this forsaken universe. Hopefully at least a minority of you will come to perceive the way I do and crown me as Lord Ethe of Club De La Chat or LEoCDLC for short. Anyways remember to leave a like, subscribe if you haven't all ready, share with your friends and family, and as always... stay awesome. Brofist! 

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